Future Of Trade Show Industry: Modular Exhibition Stands

When it comes to the future of trade shows and the relative industry, the race is all about being at the top. However, there is one thing to be kept in mind, affordability should not be compromised where you can combine a few portable displays along with pull-up banners, pop-up displays on the wall where a printed tablecloth will provide the finishing touch on the trestle table. That is why a custom-built option is chosen over more since with this option, you can give touch-up and have a bit of fancier approach.
And with modular display systems coming into the role, things seem to be sorted!
With modular systems, the popularity has been seen to grow over the years since they provide a professional look along with the option of customization and well within your thought of price range to start with.
A usual modular exhibition system contains a few interconnected parts that make up the entire structure by joining them together to get the desired exhibition stand. If the space is too large or too small, an exhibitor can add or remove parts itself on the same day depending upon the situation, for instance, if your booth is attending a show where you only have the space of 4m by 4 m, then the same stand can be used for any other event that provides you with the space of 7m by 4m.
Let’s take a look at the advantages you can gain with modular exhibition stands:

  1. Provides Quick And Simple Set-up:
    If there is one thing that you would catch with a modular exhibition stand is that they are quick and easy to set-up compared to any other stand. Since there are a lot of complexities involved with a custom exhibition design that you would end up hiring some professional installers from electricians to carpenters and paint doing jobs.
  2. Say Goodbye To Tools:
    Gone are the days when you need to carry certain tools for the set-up. That doesn’t mean you say goodbye to them, however, there will be no welding or hammering involved. With modular exhibition systems, you would catch a unique method where all the small parts are connected.
    For some, you would need screws for joining and with some, a mere twist and lock method will do. Since the parts are also small, you can carry them along in small portable bags, along with transporting the stand to the show yourself that will save you expenditure as well along with storage.
    Another benefit you have here is that you wouldn’t have to pay for your storage and logistics which can count as a cost-saving method. Whereas with the custom exhibition stand you would need large panels and structure at the storing area and that would be a problem if you don’t have a really big office.
  3. One Stand, Many Purposes:
    Since these stands have a flexible usage and you can customize with any booth size, you have the ability here to use one stand for various purposes. This becomes a very important feature in the market if you have a calendar that shows a busy schedule up ahead for various exhibition shows.
    The modular exhibition stands provide you the flexibility at multiple events amongst various booth sizes. All you need to do is bring the correct number of parts to the event and build a stand that can be used with any booth size.
  4. Higher ROI With Lower Costs:
    The ROI of any modular exhibition stand is comparatively very high than its cost point of view. One of the reasons why such stands are way more affordable than any custom ones is because the parts of any modular stands are manufactured at the bulk rate.
    Whereas with any other custom stand, each part of the stand has to be manufactured separately based on the individual needs as per the requirement of the design.
    ● Few common myths with modular exhibition stands:
  • Constricted design:

The truth is, these stands are very flexible and any experienced design can incorporate the required amount of design with modular exhibition systems.

  • Storage Is A hassle:

These stands are durable, reusable packaging, and compact that provides less usage of any space in storing.

  • They Are Not Sturdy:

These stands have lightweight materials in the usage that allows them to carry them easily while traveling and need easy assembling. That forms a very durable and sustainable nature with the exhibition accessories.

  • They Are Not Budget-Friendly:

Although the first investment is relatively higher these stands are sustainable and reusable as they give a bigger return on investment compared to any custom exhibition stands.

  • Installation And Dismantling Are Complicated:

Most of the modular stands need minimum assistance with the technical I & D process. Self-build modular stands don’t require any technical aid with installation and dismantling.

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