How to write while answering questions?

What if I offered to answer questions at the end of the year, as if to better reflect on yourself? It almost sounds like a great idea to end the year or to open it up in style!

I therefore offer you an almost perpetual agenda spread over 5 years, to be completed day after day. I discovered this book by chance and I am not disappointed. How to create a Wikipedia page for an artist a writer often wonders where he is, and constantly assesses his state of mind. So, in this diary, you will be able to compare your state of mind during all these years, and get to know yourself without necessarily taking yourself seriously!

Each day of the year corresponds to a question, funny or profound, about your habits or a philosophical question to which it is planned to answer in 5 times during 5 years, in a few lines. The concept is original and nice; it only takes a few minutes a day and what a pleasure to compare your words over the years!

A newspaper to get to know each other better

At the time of this writing, 2020 is coming to an end. Fortunately, your desire to write can be satisfied by the “ Journal to be completed, 5 years of reflections” published by Editions Marabout. It’s so easy to have fun and to please others!

This book is a great tool if you want to get started in writing a journal when you don’t know where to start in writing. The principle is very simple, because this journal encourages you to write every day for 5 years. In all, 1,825 questions and answers, just that!

Said like that, it may scare you. Don’t worry, you just need to answer a question very briefly (3 or 4 lines) every day. Some questions can be like the Chinese portrait; others concern deeper reflections or are lighter.

So you can focus on answering today’s question in just a few minutes. This is a great way to write a little bit every day without appearing to be, especially if you’re having trouble getting started!

The diary starts on January 1 and of course ends on December 31. At this date, all you have to do is start over and answer the same questions as the past year.

I find the idea of ​​this agenda excellent. This may allow you to see changes or stagnations in your life. It will also allow you to see how you have evolved over time.

In addition, it is a beautiful object; the golden slice is the most beautiful effect! Your new everyday companion will quickly become your confidant, ready to follow you for a bit! This book is not to be stored in your library, like its cronies, but rather to be left on your bedside table or in a place known only to you.

I fell in love with this book; this is the reason why I decided to write an article about it. This new kind of diary will allow you to record simple little pleasures, without sinking into nostalgia. You will reread with delight the hardships passed or the beautiful things achieved. Your memory will remain transcribed over the pages and over the years.

This book is therefore welcome to mark some events in your daily life, as if to better sublimate it, and to have the pleasure of rediscovering them one, two or five years later.

The first and last question of the diary

The January 1 question is of a profound nature; it deserves a certain reflection: “ What is your mission in life?”.

The year therefore begins under rather philosophical auspices. You can call it different ways: your path, your place on Earth, your purpose in life. Each of us has asked ourselves, and often very young, “ Why are we here?” .

This mission is the reason you are on Earth. This is the mission you have decided to carry out; this is the task you have to do. Everyone has a life mission. And every mission is of the utmost importance, sacred and essential to the evolution of this world. Wikipedia page creators writing it in black and white will reveal it to yourself already and you will certainly realize your place and your importance!

As far as I am concerned, my life mission is to help, to transmit, either through my teaching profession or through this blog.

The December 31 question comes as no surprise: “ What was your best memory of the year?” . Here is a question in the form of a balance sheet to end the year on a positive note! Obviously, you’ll have plenty of souvenirs knocking on your door, but you’ll have to choose one from the multitude.

You will tell this beautiful memory in a few lines for your greatest joy. Even if you have the feeling that the past year was not terrible, you must have had moments of joy and pleasure, if only in contact with nature in full bloom or in contact with your family!

As for me, my best memory of the year concerns the beginning of my work, well I might say, after eighteen months of effective preparation and years of mental reflection! It foreshadowed the start of all the changes that have started to take place and that delight me in my house and that will continue next year and for some time afterwards!

Valuing everyday life

One of the goals of the agenda I am talking about in this article is to embellish everyday life, to give it all the place it deserves, to give it back its letters of nobility, because it conceals wonders.

Here are some of the questions on this topic:

  • what are you reading at the moment? * the “Outlander” saga by Diana Gabaldon
  • the best time of the day? * in the evening, when I sit down to write in my blog
  • was the day difficult? Why? * not really, I always get the positive out of any situation
  • an ordinary day? Why or why not? * I like ordinary days, it’s part of life.
  • how was lunch today? * it was composed of several vegetables in sauce, seasoned with various spices, without meat
  • how was the day sweet? * the rain has stopped and the sun has reappeared, as if by magic
  • 3 foods you ate today? * carrots, dried fruits, Charentaise pancake prepared by my brother
  • what weather is it? * it’s winter, the sun shone at the end of the afternoon, after several days of rain, accompanied by a small north wind (at the time of this writing)
  • at what time did you fall asleep? * around 10 p.m., I was tired
  • did you kiss anyone today? * yes, my spouse and my animals
  • the lingering emotion of the day? * the pleasure of seeing the sun, the pleasure of finishing my Christmas presents

Questions to get to know each other better

These questions could be part of the questions appearing in a Chinese portrait or in Marcel Proust’s questionnaire .

These questions allow you to note your tastes, to think about what you like, what you want to become.

Here is a sample of questions from the journal:

  • your favorite accessory? * my wooden walking stick made in the Pyrenees offered by my parents
  • what are you looking forward to? * the next vacation to rest and rest
  • what would you need the most? * more time to do all the training I want regarding writing
  • what makes you you? * precisely, the fact of designing this blog around writing
  • which art movement would best describe you? * impressionism for sure
  • how would you describe your “home”? * warm, natural country atmosphere
  • what would you like to forget? * some events from my past
  • who would you like to be? * a renowned writer!
  • if this day were an animal, what would it be? * a dog, lounging on a sofa by the fire in a loving family
  • today, what is it that prevents you the most from moving forward? * time management
  • the craziest thing you did for love? * children

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