5 of the Best Indoor Plants for Seniors

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to give life and color to any indoor space if chosen correctly. Paired with a great-looking plant pot, these living decorations not only provide us with a sense of peace and calm but can perhaps offer us some health benefits too. As a senior, there are some great benefits to having suitable indoor houseplants that can greatly improve your home. Here are 5 of the best indoor plants for your home.

The Peace Lily

Just the very name of this beautiful indoor plant evokes emotions of relaxation of calm. They’re hardy plants and are easy to look after. There have even been studies that conclude that the Peace Lily might even provide air-filtering in the home. A well-maintained Peace Lily will look great in any room and because they’re easy to care for and last for many years, they are ideal if you’re looking for low-maintenance plants that are suited to apartments and senior and assisted living facilities. 

Snake Plants

Another fantastic-looking option that is very low maintenance is the Snake Plant. Sometimes called the “mother-in-law’s tongue”, these plants don’t take up much space because they grow vertically and thus can live happily on windowsills or shelves around the home. They don’t need to be watered very often, which makes them great for those with limited mobility, and they don’t need a specific light level to grow either. 


Not only do herbs look and smell great, but they’re also functional plants because you can use some of them in your cooking. They often grow very quickly and don’t take much care to achieve strong, healthy, and productive plants. Plant basil and parsley in a pot in the kitchen to use in your cooking. If you’re enterprising, you can also use some herbs in your skincare routine, and paying more attention to how you look after your skin as you get older is very important.

Monstera Deliciosa

It’s a classic indoor plant that you’ll find in millions of homes, and there’s a good reason for that. The Delicious Monstera offers up huge deep green leaves that look great, with their tell-tale Swiss cheese leaves that are a pleasant addition to any living space. Add a Monstera Deliciosa in a great plant pot to your assisted living facility room and water it consistently for a beautiful living centerpiece. They can grow quite big, at up to 2m tall, but using a smaller pot will effectively limit their growth, making them perfect for your living area no matter the space you have available.


Pothos is found in many homes. It grows a bit like ivy, featuring heart-shaped leaves that grow in many different shades and patterns, from rich green and yellows to marbled patterns that combine the two colors. You’ll want to give this one some space to grow lower than the pot and keep it out of direct sunlight for the best results. Because they don’t need much maintenance or water, they’re perfect for seniors, providing a great-looking plant without much effort.

Always check with a senior living facility whether it’s OK to bring plants or buy for a loved one. If they say yes, it’s a sign you’ll be very happy there. For an example of a senior living facility in Princeton, New Jersey, check them out via the link.

Choosing the perfect indoor plant for your space is something of an art, so ask your local nursery for help if you’re unsure!

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