4 Uncommon Injuries Experienced Insurance Companies Cover

The ILO reports that approximately 2.3 million employees succumb to work-related diseases or accidents, corresponding to at least 6000 deaths daily. Worldwide, the organization reports about 340 million occupational accidents annually. So, workplace injuries are a common eventuality worldwide.

However, with these alarming statistics, employers need insurance coverage following the workers’ compensation act. Workers’ compensation is a program mandated by the government to provide benefits to employees who get injured or ill as a result of the job or in the workplace. It provides healthcare, cash, or both to workers who suffer injuries on the job. However, there are uncommon injuries that only experienced insurance companies cover. Here are four such injuries.

1. Injuries From Team Building Events

Every company knows how beneficial team-building events are to the business. These events host different activities that the employees are expected to participate in. Unfortunately, depending on the activities lined up, accidents may be inevitable. Although team-building event accidents are uncommon, you may encounter event failures of significant proportion when something goes wrong.

For instance, if someone falls during an activity in the team building event and hurts themselves, they may get compensation if the company has taken this cover. So, bruises or injuries from team building activities are among the most experienced companies cover. And your company may greatly benefit by including this cover in workers’ compensation (see more at https://cerity.com/solutions/workers-comp/).

2. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is not uncommon in the workplace. However, the only food poisoning instances covered by most insurance companies are those caused by poor catering in a company-wide event. So, if you carry your own lunch and get food poisoning, that is not covered in the workers’ compensation. However, if the company hosted an event to which all employees were invited but the catering was too bad, and you got food poisoning, you can claim compensation if your company has this insurance coverage.

3. Burns from the Office Coffee Pot

If your office has a coffee pot, you may have heard instances of an employee who got burned while preparing coffee. Experienced insurance companies provide coverage for third-degree burns when handling a coffee pot. This uncommon insurance cover is a great addition to workers’ compensation and ensures you get compensation for medical care and damages suffered.

4. Injuries from Rabid Wildlife On Site

If an angry or rabid animal trespasses into the company and injures an employee, they may get compensation. Sometimes, you may run company errands off-site and encounter angry wildlife. If you get injured, you can claim compensation. However, the claim can only hold if your company has taken insurance coverage on the same. Experienced insurance companies provide this cover to protect employees from any encounters with angry wildlife.


Workers’ compensation is a program that ensures you get the rightful benefits when you get hurt on the job or as a result of the job. Your company can greatly benefit from taking cover against these uncommon injuries that experienced insurance companies provide. Ideally, the cover will protect everyone from financial trouble whenever such injuries arise. 

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