Reasons to Consider A Career in Cybersecurity

Are you someone who enjoys learning and using cutting edge technology? Do you enjoy challenging yourself intellectually and professionally? If you are looking for a career that keeps you intellectually engaged while also providing a generous salary and flexible hours, consider a career in the cybersecurity industry. A career in cybersecurity gives you numerous opportunities to grow as a professional while also providing job security. 

Working as a cybersecurity specialist is an ideal career for those that enjoy solving puzzles and staying engaged while at work. Pursuing a cybersecurity degree is the best way to get started in the field while also building the background knowledge you will need to succeed. 

Reason #1: Flexible Hours and Locations

Many young professionals are seeking careers that allow for flexible work hours and the potential to work remotely and even travel while working. The digital nomad lifestyle has become more popular, allowing young professionals to balance their work lives with the adventure and travel they crave.  Working in the cybersecurity industry often allows for all of this and more. 

Once you have established yourself in your job, many companies that hire cybersecurity specialists encourage and allow for flexible work hours as well as the potential to work remotely. Although you may have to attend trainings or conferences in person, many of the companies within the industry recognize the benefits of offering remote work positions. 

Many people in the field report high job satisfaction thanks to the flexibility of balancing work and home life as well as a career that allows for adventure and time spent doing things you love outside of work. 

Reason #2: Opportunities for Learning 

In order to work in the cybersecurity industry, you will need a degree in cybersecurity. Obtaining that degree means learning about a variety of different topics involved with cybersecurity such as coding and numerous different IT skills. As you work to earn your degree in cybersecurity, you will also learn interpersonal skills such as how to be a strong leader and how to manage a team of individuals to encourage collaboration and teamwork. 

Earning a cybersecurity degree is an important step in becoming a cybersecurity specialist. Once you complete your degree, you will become much more marketable and have a wider variety of opportunities available for you to find your dream job in the industry. 

Reason #3: Room for Growth

The technology industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and the need for cybersecurity specialists continues to stay high. It is one of the most sought after jobs in the technology industry as there is always a need to protect data. Not only does this mean great job security, it also means that many companies are giving competitive offers to start and then have numerous opportunities for growth within the company as you gain experience. 

Because technology is constantly changing and adapting at such a rapid pace, many cybersecurity firms invest in training their employees on the most up to date technologies being used. This means you will still be relevant in your field and grow as an employee. 

Reason #4: Numerous Varieties of Job Options

Whether it’s with the government or a private company, almost every organization needs a cybersecurity specialist on their team. This means that if you are looking for great benefits and retirement options, you have options with both public and private sectors. Although public sectors are more likely to have more competitive benefits, private companies often offer their own benefits to try and stay competitive. Either way, you have options and can even switch it up and work for both options during your career. 

Besides variety in the type of company you are working for, there is also variety in what you specialize doing within the field. Because the world of technology, and more specifically security for technology, is so complex it allows for numerous opportunities to hone your skills in specific areas of the field.

 Many cybersecurity specialists may start working in one area of the field and then after they gain experience and new certifications, try something new after a few years. This means you will never be bored working in the cybersecurity industry. 

Reason #5: You Will Be Making a Difference

If you are someone that wants to feel as if you are making an impact in the world, being a cybersecurity specialist helps achieve this goal. Feeling like you are making a difference with your work improves your overall morale and job satisfaction.  Because you are providing the tools to keep data safe for companies, whether big or small, you are providing the employees of those companies with protection and a sense of security. 

Whether you are working for a government organization or a private business, you are the person that is keeping everyone’s personal and professional information protected. This is an invaluable skill and asset to a company that will always be appreciated and respected. 

Reason #6: Competitive Salaries

There is nothing more frustrating than working hard at a job but not being properly compensated for your hard work. Cybersecurity firms know the value of their employees and the salaries reflect that value. Because many jobs within the field require a higher education degree, your starting salary will reflect that. 

Working in the cybersecurity industry means eventually earning one of the higher paying salaries in the technology industry with many individuals earning over six figures within their first few years. 

Finding a career that checks off all your wants and desires as a professional can be challenging. Luckily jobs like working as a cybersecurity specialist exist to help support you financially, intellectually and professionally. 

Pursuing a career as a cybersecurity specialist means the opportunity for earning a strong salary while also maintaining and enjoying a balanced work and home life. The industry will always provide job security, as technology is only increasing and the need for cybersecurity specialists continues to increase as well. 

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