The Sims 4 University life Guide

Having entered the age group of young adults, Sims are ready to get on the books and venture into an academic journey at the end of which they will crown their professional dream. But getting a scholarship, getting admitted to more prestigious degree courses and enrolling are just the first step on the way to graduation . The crookedest part comes now! Lectures , exams , term papers , presentations and sleepless nights of study await our students.
How to make the most of the academic experience? In this guide, we will illustrate the necessary actions and behaviors to take in The Sims 4 University Life in order to obtain the highest marks in all the disciplines included in the curriculum, not before having briefly described the functioning of the college.
Structure of the university period
Whichever degree course is chosen, it will provide a total of twelve courses to be completed compulsorily in order to obtain the final title. The overall university period is divided in practice into sessions lasting about one week each. It is within these that the Sims will have to attend the courses and face the final tests . Lessons are held on weekdays , while the weekend is left free.
Knowing that there are twelve total courses to pass and that the maximum limit of disciplines that can be tackled in a single session is four , it is quickly deduced that more than one session is needed to finish university. The number of subjects to be followed is specified by the player when registering for the session: in this sense, the greater the quantity, the greater the commitment required by the student and the shorter the time it takes to graduate. Assuming that you always manage to pass all the courses, the duration of the academic path will vary from a minimum of three sessions to a maximum of twelve .
Main assignment
In addition to the charges we talked about before, there is a main delivery for each discipline to be implemented and completed by the end of the session . Escaping this responsibility will not necessarily lead to a rejection, but the final grade will be severely compromised .
Each course can have three different types of main assignments: a final exam , a thesis or a presentation .If you Can’t Want to spend Time On Assignment you can use the sims 4 cheats from there Trucchi the sims there you can find many other cheats also of the sims 4.
Final exam
When a subject requires a final exam , it will take place during the last lesson of the course session . To be sure to produce a good result, it is important to reserve time for studying : in particular, to avoid not being sufficiently prepared, we recommend that you have your Sim study a little every day and for at least four or five hours a day. previous . Going to class, doing homework, and developing skills are other tasks that help make a great test.
Once the fateful day has arrived, a game notification will notify us of the imminent start of the test one hour in advance. At the same time, a mood of discomfort will take over the Sim: it is the pre-exam anxiety, which however does not compromise the outcome of the evaluation. On the contrary, it is essential to arrive in court on time .
While in the classroom, our student will be able to cheat to try to get a good score effortlessly. This is done by clicking on the small portrait of the Sim and selecting the interaction used . In this case, however, there is a real risk that you will be caught by heavily compromising the final grade. Furthermore, in the event that it was not the first time that our freshman is caught cheating, the university may decide to give him an academic observation or worse the suspension.
The task will last one hour and twenty-five minutes, and when we leave the classroom we will receive a message (of the same type that appears at the end of a normal lesson), which will anticipate the result a little. The overall assessment of the course will however only be shown at the end of the session , tog

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