Selena Gomez and Chris Evans – Are They Dating?

Are Selena Gomez and Chris Evans dating? Are there photos of them together? If so, how does their public relationship status compare to their private one? Find out below. Weighing the evidence is the best way to answer this question, Gomez and Evans appear to be single and not dating. However, some of their public interactions could be interpreted as signs of a secret relationship.

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans rumored to be a thing

The internet is imagining a world where Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are dating. Gomez admitted to having a crush on Evans on an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Andy noted that Chris Evans’ brother Scott is a bartender. The rumor started after Gomez and Evans were photographed at a restaurant in Los Angeles in 2017.

The relationship rumors were initially fueled by reports of a romance between the two stars. The actress was spotted kissing Evans while making out at Teddy’s restaurant in Hollywood in early 2007. Their relationship did not last long, though; they were spotted leaving the same restaurant. In 2008, Evans was seen out and about in LA with Vida Guerra. The rumor of a relationship was not confirmed until today.

Another sign of a possible relationship between Selena Gomez and Chris Evans is the fact that the two have shared several photos. Several fan accounts have shared photos of the two exiting a Los Angeles restaurant. Another fan account claims to have found photos of the two exiting a car and restaurant together. The two are said to be working on a project.

Photos of them together

Fans have been speculating that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are dating since the two were seen leaving the same restaurant. While Selena did not follow Chris on Instagram, fans have been able to see her at several locations on the same day. The pictures appear to show the two of them in the same locations and covertly leave without being photographed. But the two have not yet addressed the rumors.

Whether the two are dating or not remains to be seen, fans have poured through Selena’s social media profiles in search of clues. The actor recently posted a photo of him playing piano. The brunette can be seen reflected in the piano. Fans are excited to see if this is the beginning of a romance between the two. And if the two are indeed dating, it’s a very happy ending.

Rumors that they are dating

Earlier this week, rumors that Selena Gomez and Chris are dating were debunked after a fan shared a photo of the pair at a pilates studio. According to E!, the photos were not actually taken at the pilates studio. Instead, the photo shows Gomez exiting a Los Angeles studio, and Chris posing with a Boston Red Sox hat. Another photo shows the two leaving a London hotel, and yet, fans assumed they were posing together in public.

The rumor began after Selena went on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen to confess that she has a crush on Chris Evans. She also stated that she “kind of” likes Chris Evans. In the same interview, Selena said: “I kind of like him.” She added: “He’s so cute!”

If they are dating

Whether Selena Gomez and Chris Evans can become a serious relationship remains to be seen, but there are several signs pointing in the right direction. Selena recently debuted a brunette bob haircut on social media, indicating that she is ready for a new chapter in her life. She has previously dated Justin Bieber, and she briefly dated Taylor Lautner. However, there is no definitive evidence that Gomez and Evans are dating at this time, but they’re definitely close and have been in touch.

The romance rumors have been swirling since Selena Gomez began following Chris Evans on Instagram. The two artists have become increasingly active on social media, and fans have expressed excitement over the pair’s activity. Some fans deemed the pair to be romantically involved, while others speculated that the two are working on a film together. Selena Gomez was also spotted out at the same restaurant and studio in Los Angeles as Evans, which has been a sign of their growing chemistry.

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