10 Eid Home Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Eid Al-Adha is an important religious occasion, as it marks the end of the Ramadan holy month of fasting. This time of the year is very special and dear in the hearts of all Muslims worldwide – as it blooms their spiritual awakening and joyful moments among loved ones.

It is the yearly awaited festival of caring and spreading happiness. Celebrations, to keep the virtues rolling, happen in different forms. Whether it is preparing sweets, buying new clothes, visiting each other and exchanging gifts.

For that, an occasion like this – can’t just pass as any normal gathering happening in our home, with our family and friends. To make Eid Al-Adha’s festival image complete, it’s a must to transform our home decoration – mainly our living room where we welcome our guests – in order to enjoy the stay indoors differently than any other day.

Because we know that you want your living room to spark and look festive this Eid – here are 10 Decoration Ideas for Living Room, that will inspire you to get ready for the transformation before Eid Al-Adha knocks on your door.

Idea#1 Glow Up The Lights

Eid Al-Adha brings festive vibes and the decoration wouldn’t be upright without hanging lights in your living room, your garden/balcony, or even at your home entrance. Especially that light is a symbol of the Islamic guide for believers. The brightness you will create in your living space, will make the holiday more enjoyable. There is no specific type or color of light to commit to, any light that suits your living room décor and space – would do.

Idea#2 Get A Sense Of Lunar & Starry Inspiration

In Islamic coteries and as per the traditions, the moon and the stars are known to be very sacred. For that, you may use this symbolic tradition for decorations in your Living Room design ideas, and even in your garden/balcony or home entrance decoration. You may decorate your living room windows, walls or doors with falling stars on strings – or you may even hang them in the middle of the living room ceiling, to change the ambiance when the lights turn on in the evening. What would be a great idea as well to place a “Happy Eid” or “Eid Mubarak” sign on a main living room wall that will be seen nicely from all the angels – this can be called a memory wall or the instagrammable wall.

Idea#3 Use A Holiday Wreath

It’s a ring decorative assortment of various materials, may contain dried flowers, leaves, fruits, sparkly stuff or stems. You may have a customized wreath or any design that suits your living room. It can be placed on a wall in the living room, or on your front door. A wreath is some sort of Eid-blessedness.

Idea#4 Decorate With Traditional Rugs

A small-sized rug may be hanged on a wall or window in the living room – this will give a very traditionally special touch to your decoration, with a feeling of warmth and recognition. It may be of any color, suiting your living room décor and it definitely adds texture to your walls if they are white painted for example.

Idea#5 Hook Up or Seat The Lanterns

This is traditional and one of the must-do, Eid Al-Adha Decoration Ideas for Living Room. Lanterns come in different shapes and are used as decoration for Arabic gatherings and Nomad tents, you can see them as well as street decoration to create a great environment. This is another reason to say, Lanterns are not only Eid-related – you may use them as well within your list of Living Room design ideas. A Lantern is a two in one item – you can use it for decoration and also benefit from it being a source of light.

Idea#6 Make Something Out Of The Gifts

During Eid Al-Adha’s happy holiday, families and friends exchange gifts – not necessarily to be of great materialistic value but definitely gifts that have spiritual value. You can create from those gifts which you prepared for your loved ones, a Gift Corner in your living room – can be on a side table or a high shelf – which will be decorative and going in line with your theme. One of the packing ideas would be customizing cartoon bags or wrap papers so they are all looking the same. This will be a corner of colors on its own.

Idea#7 Fill Up Your Empty Space With Dried Plants

It’s always a great idea to fill up your living rooms with dried plants – they give a touch of class to your space and they can be used anytime and anywhere in the house. With all the flashy ideas of Eid Al-Adha, this would be a great way to break a bit all the colorful elements you’re looking to add. Pick the dried plants or flowers to be of neutral color in order to balance your home and living room palette.

Idea#8 Ponder The Kids With A Crafts Corner

Remembering the kids in a crafts’ corner is an amazing way to keep their spiritual growth and attachment rolling. In one of the living room corners, put a small table with a few chairs and some materials such as: wood, wool,

cartoon, scissors and coloring pencils…etc. Ask them to create or draw a sheep for example and explain to them the linkage between the sheep and Eid Al-Adha – “Muslims around the world sacrifice an animal — a goat, sheep, cow or camel — to reflect Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son, after God instructed him to in a dream”.

Idea#9 Paint or Stick Arabic Calligraphy On Walls

This is pure art, and beautiful wall decoration either as art print or art paint, the Calligraphy could be a quote or word of the Holy Quran. Usually, it is common to see every home having holy words hanged as crafts or frames on walls as it’s known to protect homes – but simple ink or a sticker on a white wall would give the quote or word a better-meaning depiction of its divinity.

Idea#10 Unique Living Room Entrance Stand

A really exquisite idea that is both a way of welcoming guests from your door entrance to your living room and a decorative way as well. On this high stand on your living room entrance, you may put a table bookstand with a Holy Quran on it, along with a bowl of dates and a prayer bread. Your visitors can strike a pose before entering, read a quote from the Holy Quran, and eat a piece of dates.

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