Packaging Design and Online Success

Let’s be honest, it’s the product that matters the most and not the box it comes in, right? Considering that attention to packaging isn’t a standard behavior for e-commerce brands.

It might sound dreadful, but the fact of the matter is that whenever packaging is used the right way, it has worked wonders for businesses. How? It has the power to boost repeat business and expand your customer base by bringing in new customers.

The best part is that even though getting the design right seems like a daunting task, it’s a lot simpler than you think. To begin with, you have to develop an understanding of packaging design in order to align your brand messaging with real-life customer experience. It will empower you to outshine your competition and set a standard right away.

●     Bring the Online Experience into Real Life 

From the moment someone discovers your business online, adds something to the cart, and receives their order, their entire experience will determine the probability of becoming a repeat customer.

The online presence of a business is the initial introduction of your brand. This presents you the opportunity to highlight the value and benefits you proffer, set a standard your customers expect to receive from you, and interact in an amicable way that will persuade them to revisit your online store repeatedly.

Bear in mind, the customer experience doesn’t come to an end at the checkout screen. As a matter of fact, it continues through to when the buyers receive their first order through the mail. To be frank, this is the actual start to your brand relationship.

The way your rigid box packaging looks reinforces the buyer’s decision to purchase goods from you as they expect you to deliver on the promised value you shared on your website. Take a moment and think how good it feels to receive something in a well-packed, custom rigid boxafter weeks or months of diligent research. When this happens, the buyer feels validated in his or her purchase.

Take subscription boxes, for instance. From the excitement of unboxing the product for the first time to finding it resting inside the box is so satisfying. And when it comes to seasonal promotions, you get to see unique packaging designs that are in line with the official website’s theme.

●      Use Eye-Catching Packaging Design to Stick Out

The key goal of an online business should be to find a sweet spot that limits competition, shift focus towards targeting a new set of customers, and seek opportunities to grow quickly.

Using the strategy canvas exercise, businesses can easily decipher where there is an opportunity for them to stand out. It works by comparing the factors that companies in your domain compete against and assess to what extent each market player offers each factor.

With this exercise, you will see how competitors in your segment are meeting each factor compared to your company. Determine where your offer level is higher than the competition. Read more the uk times.

Packaging is one of those essential factors that you should compare against the competition. Having rigid box packaging that stands out will make your brand more recognizable. In turn, you will gain more repeat business because buyers will return to purchase more goods from your e-commerce store.

To make your product boxes more affirming and engaging, try reinforcing the message you have introduced online. Of course, it takes less time, effort, and money to ship products in any packaging, but when you go the extra mile, it showcases that your brand truly cares about its customers and embodies uniqueness.  

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