Ford Motor Company Gets Success Through Social Networks

Cleveland Ford and real estate brokers have gone public! Since Facebook moved its social media platform to business, Ford has launched Fan Pages with each of their new cars and new trucks. Ford dealers across the country have also found a way to connect with the owners and buyers of Ford by creating a fan page for their dealers. However, it was not enough for this American automaker; Ford also works on YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and other high-end bookmarking sites such as Delicious.

Ford Motor Company and real estate retailers have been very successful with active Facebook profiles. Ford has a solution to engage its fans and attract more people, whether they are new or old Ford owners or just car enthusiasts. Want to know the secret to effective communication campaigns? Just look at what Ford is doing with Facebook fan pages.

5 Ways Ford Motor Company Involves Fans

  1. Regular voting – Here is an example of a recent survey posted on a Ford Motor Company fan page recently: “LA Lifeguards and Hybrid Escapes on the beach at Portraits of hope yesterday- what should we not like? this summer? “(Posted May 27, 2010) – Each post on the wall includes a link to Facebook, where fans can vote. Results are given a few days later or sooner. Results for this poll? The results of this poll were posted the next day: “We voted for Ford fans: lake versus sea voted … beach. Let this image put you in mind. Here are the LA County Lifeguard Services ships and their 45 Escape Hybrids ships that used more than 19,754 rescue and and to prevent the rescue of about three million. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! “
  2. Wall murals with pictures – What’s more appealing than reading a wall post with a beautiful Ford Hybrid Escape or a new Fusion photo? Photos sell. There is also a picture of the assembly line.

3.Deal Updates – Want to keep your fans and friends engaged? Write fun, easy and attractive posts, interviews, polls, and links to keep fans interested in Ford trucks and cars.

  1. Public updates – Yes, let your fans post pictures of their new cars and new Ford trucks, after all that’s why Ford is in business – selling cars to people. A great way to get fans involved in a conversation is to give them the freedom to post their stories, their comments, their questions, their photos and links with them. One fan posted a picture of his Ford Focus from the Czech Republic.

5.Add apps – Facebook has all kinds of apps available for businesses to use and advertise their products, services and information. Ford has a video program with a few short videos about its new Ford cars and truck features including the Ford SYNC, the rear seat belts and the AppLink of the entire 2011 Ford Fiesta. Also, check out Ford Webcasts, a new program for companies with such media online.

In today’s competitive car market, it pays to be available both on TV and online, and with YouTube’s video communications network, Ford can be in two places at the same time. YouTube’s YouTube channel is not only advertising its brand new car, the Ford Fiesta which is set to be released sometime this summer, but also other new Ford cars and trucks, Drive Safe and Drive Smart videos. Frequently featured videos include the most popular features in Ford’s car line as well as the latest car shows and national ads.

Ford Story also has its own channel, which reaches out to communities and offers that extra touch to Ford fans across the country and around the world. The Ford Story channel touches you with “Your Story,” Ford fans can tell their own how Ford helped them or how Ford helps communities. Ford also does community service.

Ford’s social networks Facebook and YouTube would not be complete without the most popular blogging network, Twitter. When people search for Ford on Twitter, Ford remains the number one brand with its blue and yellow chrome logo. How many people follow the Ford Motor Company, let’s try 31,407 as of this writing. A Twitter account may not be the one to hit the 5 million Ashton Kutcher fans and fans, but Ford is still very happy to have such loyal followers. Ford provides up-to-date tweets about production, new features, news, eliminates rumors and provides safety tips for all its new cars and trucks.

Other Ford certified sites available on these popular social networks include:

Ford Driving Skills For Life on Twitter such as FordDSFL and – Ford took the opportunity to teach young and newly licensed drivers how to drive safely and how to handle various road conditions. The FDSFL recognizes that it is never too early to educate young people about proper driving skills, let alone for many driving schools. Two of the best ways to reach new drivers is to connect with people and Ford has found success here.

As long as social media continues, Ford’s new trucks and cars will continue to operate online to keep fans and owners loyal across the nation. Online social networks are powerful and versatile to reach large numbers of people, and this American car manufacturer has captivated and active viewers

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