What does a web writing service look like?

In absolute terms, as a web editor and copywriter, managing a blog / site is not compulsory. After all, you write for clients, not for yourself. But there are several advantages to blogging:

  1. Make yourself known through SEO on search engines
  2. Show your skills as a copywriter
  3. Show good knowledge of the digital environment

If you want to know more about how to start a blog with a CMS like WordPress, you can click here. If you think you specialize, you can start a thematic blog from the start. If, on the contrary, you want to write articles on different subjects, you have to start on a general blog. Remember one very important thing: A company that asks you to write puts their communication in your hands. It is his image and his reputation that are at stake. As a web editor, you must understand that you have a job with a lot of responsibilities. The customers and prospects of a website will read the pages you have written, and these are the pages that will have the heavy mission of converting and making money! Businesses just hire a copywriter. Publishing a blog therefore allows you to highlight your skills and specialties, do not deprive yourself of it! Knowing how to write from an online copywriting course… But before you jump into the deep end and negotiate your first contracts, let’s see what a service looks like.

A) Making contact and establishing contact

This is the first step. The company or the editor get in touch. This could be via your blog’s contact form, a canvassing email, a LinkedIn invitation, a phone call, etc.

B) Presentation of the project – Brief

The client wishes to use your services and present his project to you. He wants X articles on different topics.

C) You make a quote

After receiving the client brief, you start to estimate the working time and the added value. Once it’s done, you return a quote with an amount.

D) The customer accepts the quotation

If the quote is in line with the customer’s expectations, the service starts, you have obtained the contract.

E) You do the work

In general, the writing of several texts is carried out over several days. You write according to the client’s expectations.

F) The work is done, you deliver the texts as well as the invoice

Once the job is done, you send the texts to the customers. The latter will give you a feedback, it may ask you for a few small touch-ups here and there.

E) The customer pays you

The customer makes the transfer according to the price indicated on the quote.

  1. What does writing a professional article look like?
  2. Writing a professional article is carried out in several stages. Once you have received the topic from your client, you need to perform these steps:
  3. Search for relevant keywords
  4. Search for information on the subject / information watch
  5. Writing
  6. Optimization
  7. Proofreading
  8. Search for relevant keywords
  9. Keyword research is essential. A bad keyword strategy can completely compromise a content strategy!

To search for relevant keywords, you often have to use software like Ahrefs or Semrush. This type of software gives the search volumes and the difficulty of the keywords according to the result pages.”Further, you can also buy quality backlinks from high quality website”

Finding information on the topic

Before you start writing a text, you need to educate yourself on the subject. This means articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, browsing forums … This is a point that is often overlooked by customers who do not understand the invoicing of an article… Yes, there is the writing but also the research behind which must be taken into account in the working time.check this also online video editor


This is the big part of the service. Once you’ve educated yourself on the topic, you can start writing the article. There, it is according to each one and the situations! Sometimes you will be very inspired and you can complete the article in just 30 minutes, and sometimes it will take a little longer.

The stability of your activity as a copywriter depends a lot on your productivity and learning from online copywriting courses.


Once you have finished writing, you can start SEO optimization. This involves adding tags, keyword density, lexical and semantic enrichment. Not to mention adding internal and external links if that makes sense to the reader.


In general, we recommend leaving 24 hours between the end of writing and proofreading. Proofreading aims to correct mistakes, lighten the style of writing, verify the information transmitted. Once the proofreading is complete, you can congratulate yourself, you have completed your article!

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