Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Post Credit Scene: What Could it Be?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become known for including post-credit scenes in their movies that tease upcoming films or storylines. Fans eagerly wait through the credits of each new Marvel movie hoping to get a glimpse of what’s to come. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 currently in development, fans have been speculating about what the post-credits scene might include. Here are some possibilities for the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 post credit scene based on the upcoming cosmic phase of the MCU and rumors about the plot of the third Guardians movie.

Some Possible Storylines Teased

With so many cosmic characters and storylines now part of the MCU, there are plenty of possibilities for what could be teased in a post-credits scene for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Here are a few potential storylines and characters that may get a quick tease:

  1. Adam Warlock – At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ayesha tells her minions to work on creating their own Guardian to defeat the Guardians of the Galaxy. This was a reference to Adam Warlock, a powerful cosmic hero from the comics. His debut in the MCU has long been rumored and speculated for Guardians 3. A post-credits scene could show the first glimpses of Adam Warlock being created.
  2. The Nova Corps – At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the planet Xandar is destroyed by Thanos when he retrieves the Power Stone. This wiped out the Nova Corps, Marvel’s intergalactic police force that first appeared in the first Guardians movie. A scene teasing the reformation or rebuilding of the Nova Corps would excite fans.
  3. Captain Marvel and the Skrulls – At the end of the first Guardians film, we learn that one of their own, Gamora, was adopted by Thanos. With Carol Danvers now a leading hero in the MCU and the Skrulls’ secret invasion storyline, this provides room to tease their future involvement.
  4. Thanos and the Black Order – Now that Thanos’ goal of wiping out half of life has been achieved, what’s next for the mad Titan and his children? A scene showing them could hint at their future storylines post-Infinity Saga.
  5. Nova Prime Irani Rael – With the Xandar Nova Corps destroyed, setting up their new leader Irani Rael would be a good way to continue that storyline and expand the cosmic side of the MCU.

These are just a few of the many possibilities based on storylines and characters that have already been introduced or rumored. The Guardians 3 scene would not have to directly set up the next movie but could leave fans guessing as to what the future may hold.

Possible Plotlines and Storylines for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

To help narrow down what may realistically be teased in the post-credits scene, let’s consider some of the plots that have been rumored or hinted at for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3:

  • The search for Gamora – At the end of Avengers: Endgame, 2014 Gamora leaves through a portal alone. Her fate and whereabouts are unknown. Finding her where she ended up could be a main plotline.
  • Nebula’s redemption – After betraying the Guardians in the past, Nebula has proven herself an ally. But will her past haunt her as she tries to redeem herself fully?
  • Meeting the High Evolutionary – This classic Guardians villain experiments on humans and animals. He could either be an enemy or help the Guardians scientifically.
  • Adam Warlock’s debut – Now fully formed from the events of Vol. 2, Adam could either team up with or battle the Guardians as the next cosmic protector.
  • The Cancerverse – Rumors suggest this dark storyline where heroes become villains could play a role. A twist on the classic Guardians lore.
  • Rocket’s origins explored – The fan-favorite raccoon’s past as an experiment is hinted at. Diving deeper could provide layers to his character.

Given these rumored plotlines, the most likely post-credits scene would tease either the introduction of Adam Warlock, hints around Gamora’s whereabouts, or a cosmic threat like the High Evolutionary or Cancerverse that serves as the Guardians’ next big challenge. Simply finding Gamora could also lead to a larger storyline being set up.

Potential Characters That Could Appear

Beyond teasing a plotline, Marvel also often includes appearances from surprise characters in their post-credits scenes. Considering the cosmic characters and locations now at play in the MCU, there are plenty of exciting options for who could pop up:

  • Adam Warlock – Debuting the powerful character would be ideal. Even just the first hints of his initial formation could thrill fans.
  • Captain Marvel – As the most powerful hero, she would be the perfect ally for cosmic threats. Her checking in on the Guardians could work.
  • Moondragon – The telepathic hero has potential to play a pivotal cosmic role going forward. Why not introduce her?
  • Starfox – Another cosmic ally of the Guardians from the comics could add new layers to space adventures.
  • Richard Rider – The fan favorite Nova has been rumored for the MCU. His debut as the new Nova Prime would be epic.
  • Gamora – Teasing exactly where this past version of Gamora ended up would be very exciting for audiences.
  • Cosmo the Spacedog – The telepathic canine was a fun friend to the Guardians in the comics.

Any of these characters popping up in the post-credits scene would set social media ablaze with speculation about their future. But Adam Warlock and Gamora seem most likely as their storylines are already intertwined with Vol. 3’s rumored plot.

What Story Could It Connect To?

Given the immense cosmic storytelling possibilities now available for the MCU, the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 post credit scene does not necessarily need to directly tease the film immediately after it. It could instead plant early seeds for storylines even further down the line:

  • Infinity Quest – This popular comic arc sees Adam Warlock leading a new Guardians team against cosmic forces.
  • Annihilation – One of the greatest cosmic crossovers could be adapted. A powerful being arises threatening the universe.
  • Cancerverse – As a rumored villain, this evil universe could warrant its own storyline or film saga.
  • Nova – Richard Rider’s introduction as the new Nova Prime leads to Xandar’s rebuilding and policing the cosmos.
  • Captain Marvel 2 – Further hints at cooperating against threats like the Skrulls or Kree Empire with Carol.
  • The Champions – This teenage superhero team includes Moondragon and Phyla-Vell. Their introduction opens more possibilities.

No matter the specific story or film, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is sure to craft an end-credits scene that excites fans with its cosmic scope while keeping future storytelling options wide open across Phases 4-6.


After considering the plot rumors, comic storylines, and characters introduced so far in the MCU, here are my best predictions for what Marvel is likely to include in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 post-credit scene:

  • The scene will debut the character of Adam Warlock in his early gestation/birth phase. Not fully realized yet to allow for an evolution into the next anticipated cosmic threat.
  • While searching through space for Gamora, the Guardians happen upon his incubation pod/birthing chamber. His introduction will tease their future showdown or uneasy alliance.
  • A mysterious figure is shown watching the Guardians discover Adam in secret. This character will be later revealed to be the High Evolutionary, manipulating cosmic events.
  • In the final moment, Captain Marvel will make a cameo through communication to warn the Guardians about the coming dangers they will all face together in the future of the MCU’s cosmic phases.

By teasing Adam Warlock, Gamora’s storyline, and the High Evolutionary all at once, Marvel can excite fans while providing material for several future years of storytelling across multiple films and Disney+ shows. Captain Marvel’s appearance unifies it all by promising an epic saga that fans won’t want to miss.

In summary, by weaving together all the cosmic characters, stories, and possibilities already established in the Guardians films and greater MCU, Marvel Studios is sure to craft a Guardians of the Galaxy 3 post-credit scene that has fans buzzing with anticipation for the next chapter in their incredible space adventures. The future of the MCU’s cosmic phase is brighter than any star in the galaxy.

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