Anna Leigh Waters’ Strong Net Worth Reflects Her Success in Pickleball

Pickleball has grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade, especially among younger generations. One athlete capitalizing on this expansion is American professional pickleball star Anna Leigh Waters. Through accomplishments on the court and business ventures off it, Waters builds a lucrative career and secures a comfortable net worth for herself in the sport.

Early Success Lays the Foundation

Waters first picks up a pickleball paddle as a teenager in Georgia. She shows a natural talent from the start, with the hand-eye coordination and athleticism that allows her to excel. Waters enters her first professional tournament in 2015 at the age of 18. In only her second year on tour, she emerges victorious at the USA Pickleball National Championships in the women’s singles bracket.

This early success establishes Waters’ reputation as a rising star. It opens doors to increased tournament entries, more match experience against top opponents, and financial backing from sponsors taking notice of her potential. By 2018, she incorporates as a professional athlete and begins seeking endorsement deals that complement her career on court.

Dominant Streaks Drive Prize Money Earnings

Where Waters truly separates herself financially comes through dominant winning streaks on the Pro Pickleball Tour (PPT). In 2019, she sweeps six straight PPT titles over the season. This run injects over $50,000 directly into her bank account through prize purses alone.

Waters backs it up with another dominant campaign in 2021. She captures an astounding nine PPT titles, including the season-ending USA Pickleball National Championships once more. These victories net her well over $100,000 to significantly boost her career earnings so far.

By dominating elite competition repeatedly, Waters establishes pickleball as her full-time profession. The prize money allows her to dedicate herself to training and recovery without distraction. It also grows her brand in the sport, making her an attractive ambassador and spokesperson.

Securing Endorsement Deals

With proven success and an emerging profile, Waters taps into business opportunities beyond tournament results. In 2020, she signs her first endorsement contracts that diversify her income stream.

She partners with top pickleball equipment manufacturers like ONYX and Paddletek to use and promote their paddles and apparel. Additional deals come through with brands like Pickleball Central and Franklin for similar promotional obligations.

These multi-year agreements provide Waters guaranteed income regardless of her results on any given day. The deals total over $150,000 per year, rivaling many of her single season prize earnings up to that point. They allow her confidence to fully dedicate her schedule around training full-time.

Building an Online Presence and Fanbase

To support her business partners and attract new ones, Waters dedicates efforts to expanding her personal brand and connection to fans. She launches an active YouTube channel where she shares tips, vlogs her tournament experiences, and interacts regularly in live streams.

Waters also cultivates a large social media following on Instagram and TikTok. She consistently publishes workout routines, behind the scenes looks at her daily life, and highlights of major matches. This engaging content drives traffic that partners and sponsors utilize for promotional campaigns.

By the end of 2021, Waters amasses over 100,000 total subscribers and followers across platforms. The earned connection and trust with fans translates directly when she promotes gear, apparel or tournament tickets. It drives demand that equipment partners see in increased product sales and web traffic.

Creating Additional Assets

Always seeking new income opportunities, Waters diversifies further by launching related business ventures. She partners with a real estate developer to build luxury pickleball-centered resort communities in Arizona and Florida scheduled to open in late 2022/early 2023.

Waters also incorporates Clara Waters Sports, which will produce instructional clinics, camps and merchandise under her personal brand once complete. Both long-term projects promise substantial passive income streams moving forward as the sport’s profile expands.

Beyond traditional prize money, Waters earns approximately $300,000 annually from endorsements, appearances, social media promotions and other business activities at its peak in 2021-2022. Combined with over $250,000 in career tournament cash earnings to date, most analysts estimate her current net worth sits comfortably between $750,000-$1 million before turning 25 years old.

Staying Focused Amid Growth

With new avenues constantly arising, Waters pours energy into maintaining focus on continued improvement between the lines too. She dedicates two hours daily to individual paddle drills, footwork conditioning andPickleFit bodyweight exercises developed in tandem with a personal trainer.

Waters also immerses herself in regular match play against the sport’s top males to face live speed, spin and unpredictability she might see against female opponents. This dedication shows in tournaments as well, with her 73 professional singles match wins leading all competitors since joining the tour.

Looking towards 2023 as she enters her prime years, Waters expresses confidence but keeps perspective. “My goal remains being the best player possible each tournament, while also growing pickleball and these business opportunities around it,” she stated. “As long as I stay focused on improvement, the financial success will continue naturally.”

With passionate commitment combined and business savvy, Waters secures a lucrative path forward in pickleball that few could replicate during the sport’s developmental stage. Her success serves as inspiration for any aspiring professional considering the sport, showing financial viability and opportunity available even at its current level. Waters undoubtedly leaves her mark and prepares for greater accomplishments still to come.


In just a few short years, Anna Leigh Waters has cemented her status as one of the most successful athletes in professional pickleball. Through dominant performances on court and shrewd business decisions off it, she has grown her net worth exponentially while still being under 25 years old. Waters shows no signs of slowing down either – she continues dedicating herself to improving her game while developing new opportunities around the sport. As pickleball’s popularity skyrockets globally, so too will the opportunities for Waters to expand her brand and income potential. Her accomplishments so far have established her as the standard bearer for what athletes can achieve both competitively and financially in this rising American pastime. Waters’ trajectory and work ethic demonstrate that with commitment and savvy, pickleball presents the possibility for lucrative careers even still in its developing years.

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