Sutter Health – A Look at What Sutter Health Has to Offer

Sutter Health is a not-for-profit integrated health delivery system with 24 acute care hospitals and more than 200 clinics in Northern California. This medical system is located in Sacramento and provides many different clinical services. Here’s a look at what Sutter has to offer. You’ll find a wide variety of clinical services and information about the various hospitals.

Sutter Health is a not-for-profit health system

Sutter Health is a not-for profit health system based in Northern California. As a nonprofit, Sutter Health’s mission is to make health care more affordable and accessible to the community. The system focuses on providing high-quality care to underserved communities, where Medi-Cal and Medicare products don’t cover the costs. Its not-for-profit status allows the organization to invest the money left over after it pays its employees and bills. The hospital system is also known for its commitment to charitable donors.

The company’s lawsuit was filed in California by attorney general Xavier Becerra, who interviewed Sutter’s executives before he was appointed secretary of health and human services. Becerra was critical of Sutter’s business practices, including its use of market power to dominate the health care market.

It is a regional healthcare provider

Sutter Health is a regional healthcare provider with more than 60,000 employees and physicians in California. These professionals are dedicated to providing quality healthcare for patients. They partner with each other to provide innovative and compassionate care. The health system serves more than 3 million people – nearly one percent of the U.S. population – and has more than 40 locations throughout the Bay Area.

In 1998, Sutter Health announced its plans to purchase Summit Medical Center in Oakland. The company had previously purchased Alta Bates Hospital two years earlier. The FTC took no action on the merger at the time, but seven years later, the agency reviewed the merger and found that it led to price increases of up to 44 percent for patients at Summit. This was among the highest price increases at a comparable hospital in California. Moreover, the merger affected the hospital’s diverse community, with 17% of residents living below the poverty line.

It provides a variety of clinical services

Sutter Health provides a range of clinical services that help patients get well, fast. The organization has established a commitment to clinical excellence and strives to keep costs down. The organization also values unique strengths and talents, and encourages its employees to apply their passion for healing to care for patients.

The organisation employs over 5,500 physicians and more than 53,000 affiliates throughout Northern California. Its clinical services focus on general health and chronic disease. It has 24 hospitals and other medical facilities in more than 100 cities and towns. Sutter Health is not known for its international operations, but it works with partners to provide the best care to patients.

Sutter Health offers convenient, same-day care in a walk-in clinic setting. These clinics are staffed by experienced physicians and nurse practitioners. They accept most insurance plans and major credit cards. They are open daily from 11am to 7pm.

It has 24 acute care hospitals

Sutter Health has a sizable presence in Northern California. It owns 24 acute care hospitals and operates a large network of specialty care centers. However, the organization is facing stiff competition, especially from Kaiser Permanente, which also operates an extensive network of hospitals. As a result, Sutter faces a difficult challenge in maintaining its market share. In addition, Kaiser does not offer its services to non-Kaiser health plans, limiting Sutter’s ability to compete in that market.

Founded in 1866, Sutter Health has a long history of providing care in Northern California. It has 24 acute care hospitals and five medical foundations, including one specialized in cancer and cardiac care. In addition, it also has outpatient care centers located throughout Northern California.

It has five medical foundations

There are five medical foundations at Sutter Health, including one that supports research and a research hospital. These foundations also provide health care services such as urgent care, physical therapy, radiology, and hospital management services. In addition, these foundations fund clinical trials and research. They also provide a wealth of information on various health issues.

Sutter Health’s network of hospitals and physicians spans a wide range of specialties, including cancer and cardiac care, rehabilitation, home care, and mental health. It is organized by geographic area and provides various clinical services. It also has doctors specializing in complementary and alternative medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, and mental health.

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