Advantages of Enterprise Car Rentals

Enterprise car rentals is a family-owned business founded by Don Holtzman. Its headquarters are in Clayton, Missouri. The company also owns Alamo Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental. This article will highlight the advantages of using Enterprise car rentals. Read on to find out how to rent a car at a discount price. You’ll also learn about its additional driver option. If you’re thinking of renting a car for your next vacation, this company is the perfect choice!

Enterprise car rentals started by Don Holtzman

Don Holtzman founded Enterprise car rentals in 1976. The company’s growth quickly accelerated in the mid-1990s. In only three years, the company had grown to $4.73 billion in annual revenue. It had 4,000 branches and half-a-million vehicles worldwide. In 1993, the company opened its first international office in Reading, England. Its growth was fueled by its aggressive international expansion strategy.

In 1981, Holtzman was still the sole owner of the company and was the fifth-largest car rental company. By that time, the company had been successful in developing a home-city car rental market, which was still small but expected to grow faster. And his competitors had already encroached upon Enterprise’s turf. Holtzman’s goal was to create an industry leader by focusing on customer service and recruiting top-notch people.

In order to expand his company, Holtzman sought to target the insurance adjuster market and compete with the larger rental companies. Initially, he offered cheaper rates to these customers. But as his business grew, he found that it was not enough to compete with larger, established car rental companies. With this goal in mind, Holtzman brought in Don Taylor, who took over the company in 1965.

It is a family-owned business

The Taylor family has built a successful rental car company. While it may seem like a tidbit, there are several things that separate Enterprise from its competitors. For one thing, it is privately held. In addition to being a family-owned business, Enterprise remains a private company. The company’s executives have no plans to go public, so they’re not under pressure to sell. The company has a strong family culture and controls industry benchmarks.

Jack Taylor founded Enterprise in 1957. He struggled to finish high school and went on to drift through two colleges in one year. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, where he was a fighter pilot in the Pacific and lost one-third of his squadron. After the war, he worked as a Cadillac salesman for Arthur Lindburg in St. Louis, where he discovered his entrepreneurial ambitions.

It offers discounts on rental cars

Enterprise car rentals offer discount rates for members of the military and government. This includes active-duty military, government employees, and veterans. They have discounted arrangements with many government entities, so it’s best to inquire about these discounts directly with travel administrators or benefit administrators. For more information, visit Enterprise’s promo page. You can also use discount codes provided by Forbes to enjoy even more savings. Read on for more information about these car rental discounts.

Another way to save on the cost of renting a car with Enterprise is to join their Enterprise Plus program. Members of this program earn points every time they rent a car from Enterprise. Every four hundred points accumulated will equal one free day of rental. Become a member of the program today and enjoy all the benefits. There are no blackout dates to use loyalty points for a free day. This program has no annual fee and is free to join.

It offers additional driver option

Adding an additional driver is a great way to reduce the overall cost of car rental. Enterprise car rentals allow additional drivers to drive the vehicle for an additional fee. These drivers must be at least 25 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. They cannot have any driving convictions, including reckless driving or the possession or use of stolen vehicles. You can add an additional driver during the booking process online. They will appear under Equipment & Services. When they pick up the vehicle, the driver must be present at the time of validation.

To sign up for Enterprise’s additional driver program, go to their website. Enter your information, including the pick-up location and time, and choose whether you want a convertible or a sports car. Select age range and vehicle class, and enter your corporate account number to filter the results. Once you have selected a category, you can narrow down the list by filtering by the number of passengers or the type of vehicle you’d like to rent.

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