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A hamster is a small rodent that belongs to the subfamily Cricetinae, with 19 species in seven genera. They are popular small pets. The golden hamster is the most famous of these, and the Syrian hamster is one of the most common types. However, if you want to learn more about hamsters, continue reading! Listed below are some facts about hamsters and the care and feeding of them.

hamster body size

Hamsters are small and furry rodents with a remarkably diverse range of body sizes. The dwarf hamster is only about two to four inches long. The Syrian hamster, also known as a teddy bear hamster or golden tiger hamster, can reach up to six inches in length. They have small muscle mass and a moderately high weight, with a typical adult weighing about 6.2 ounces.

hamster teeth never stop growing

Did you know that hamsters’ teeth never stop growing? Despite their small size, hamsters gnaw continuously throughout the day. This constant chewing keeps the teeth under control. If these hamsters weren’t constantly chewing, they would eventually have stumps for their incisors. In fact, their teeth are hyposondral, meaning that they grow below the gum line.

hamsters are nocturnal

If you have a pet hamster, you may have noticed that he prefers to be asleep during the day. That’s because he prefers the solitary atmosphere of the night. In the wild, hamsters are crepuscular, meaning they are more active at dawn and dusk. But this doesn’t mean he can’t sleep during the day – he’s simply a different type of animal altogether.

hamsters live to be 2 to 3 years old

Hamsters are small, furry rodents that are native to Syria and have spread throughout the world. They can live to be two to three years old and remain healthy and active until they die. Since they are nocturnal animals, their behavior tends to change during twilight, so you should avoid waking them up during their sleep. Instead, plan your interactions with hamsters for the late afternoon or early evening.

hamsters are low-maintenance pets

Because hamsters don’t shed, they are low-maintenance pets. Their hammy fur does not need combing or brushing. They also don’t leave stray hairs or bedding, and they don’t shed fur. You can’t go wrong with a hamster! If you’re considering a new pet but don’t know whether they’ll be suitable for your home, read on to learn more about this low-maintenance pet.

hamsters are inquisitive

Although they make good pets, hamsters are not suited for everyone. Some hamsters do not like to be held; they prefer being on the move. While other hamsters do not mind being held, others may not. If you are looking for a small animal that will suit your lifestyle and budget, hamsters may be right for you. Hamsters are highly inquisitive and require regular handling and attention. Even though they are small animals, they do make a moderate amount of noise and should be kept out of areas where children are not present.

hamsters require veterinary care

While hamsters are very small, they can still develop problems and need veterinary care. They can get a common cold from other animals, and hamsters are susceptible to the virus. In some cases, hamsters may catch a common cold from hedgehogs or newts. Fortunately, most veterinarians are trained to handle these animals. However, not all veterinarians specialize in caring for rodents, so you’ll need to check with your local vet if your hamster has any unusual ailments.

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