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When planning to travel during the summer, you will need a bag that is properly themed for the summer, and which is durable, and functional. The summer is a special occasion; hence you need to get summer perfect luggages that can enable you to travel in style.

Here are some of the best luggage for summer that you can get for your next trip.

1. Lulu Guinness

This is a hard-sided carry-on bag that is best for girl getaways especially during the summer.  It gets you to the spa retreat, bachelorette party, or any other girl’s event with all your personal effects intact. This bag is hot pink and has lips that could scream girl’s vacation.

2. Black Apollo 1 Luggage Rollers

This is a bold and brightly colored bag with an attractive gloss. It’s best for those who want to attract attention. The screaming colors that this carry-on offers make it incredibly hard for someone to notice you while gliding away at the airport.

3. Beige Apollo 1 Luggage Rollers

This bag takes a minimalist style and is among the strongest travel bags that the market offers these days. Even when it drops, or gets beaten while being moved at the luggage carousel, this standout bag will ensure that belongings will still stay in order.

4. Lipault carry-on

This is a big bag that can hold almost all your stuff. When you are going out on vacation either alone or with friends or family, you can stash whatever you will need for your trip inside there and move with them safely. When you are back home from your summer travels, you can fold it flat and push it under the bed or inside the closet.

5. Vuitton suitcase

This bag is an amazing choice when going on a summer vacation and it is perfect for jet setting. It is made using high-quality taiga leather and has several pockets on the inside that are large enough and functional.

6. Dror-designed suitcase 

If you are one of those compulsive shoppers who have been too much from the bazaar, this genius travel bag from Tumi is a magical choice. This bag is capable of expanding without zippers. It’s spacious and of moderate size, which makes it hold enough stuff for you while you are embarking on your travels.

7. Navy blue piece of arm candy 

This travel bag from Arm candy is an exceptional bag and one of the summer’s perfect luggage that you can never do without.

8. Rebecca Minkoff’s chic

This is a suitcase that you can go rocking with. It’s unique and designed to be coffered with skulls. It’s a choice that enables you to travel in style and with relative ease. Most people love this bag because of its edgy, cool and fashionable appearance. 

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