What Is the Best Video Trimming Tool for You? A Guide

The Internet is increasingly dominated by video. Consider how much sway YouTube holds and how many of its videos get shared. Major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all support and often encourage video posts.

Of course, these sites all impose limits of one kind or another on videos. For example, TikTok caps video length at three minutes. YouTube imposes a 15-minute cap, although there are workarounds. In short, you may very well need some video trimming before you can upload.

That leaves an open question about finding the best video trimming tool for you. Keep reading and we’ll cover some of the best options.

Desktop Video Trimming

The good news for most people is that they use either a Windows or Apple computer. Windows comes with the Windows Video Editor. Apple computers come with iMovie.

Both of these options are free with your computer and offer basic video editing features like trimming. In terms of how to trim a video, you typically move sliders to where you want the video to begin and end. The software does the rest.

Of course, as video editors, the native Windows and Apple software will offer you other options if you want more advanced features in your video.

Trim Video Online

There are lots of online options that let you trim video. In fact, many video editing software companies offer free software specifically designed to let you trim video and nothing else.

Some of the more popular options include:

  • FlexClip
  • Filmora Online Video Trimmer
  • Free Video Cutter
  • Virtual Dub

You can find extensive lists of online video cutters or video trimmers. Just make sure you read the fine print carefully. Some of the options will let you cut a video for free, but they’ll put a digital watermark on the video until you pay for a subscription.

You will often find similar restrictions on desktop-based video editing software.

Trim Video on Your Phone

Let’s say that you want to film, cut, and upload video directly from your phone. For example, maybe you’re at a sporting event and captured an awesome play. You can always look for a native app on the phone since some come equipped with modest video editing software.

If you don’t like the native software, however, you can look for a third-party option like Adobe Spark for your cut video iPhone needs. The key to trimming a video on your phone is finding an intuitive interface that works well with a touchscreen.

Video Trimming and You

There is any number of reasons you might want or need trim videos. Maybe you just need a little video trimming to meet the rules for a social media site. On the other hand, maybe you have some extra footage that you just don’t need or that doesn’t add anything.

The good news is that you have a range of desktop, online, and even phone options that will let you edit video.

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