Top 9 News Websites To Keep You Up-To-Date!

News is the most important part of every individual’s life. It’s very important to be in touch with everyday news. Online coverage of news makes it a lot easier than investing your time in reading a newspaper or watching TV. Online news websites provide you with whole information in just a few minutes.

Best News Websites

So here’s a list of Top news websites which we have compiled to give you in-depth information from basic to breaking news.

1. The Guardian

The Guardian is a global group of organizations that gives voice to the powerless. They cover American and international news for all its online readers. You can choose a full cover story to a short story according to your need.

2.  The Daily Beast

This news website gives in-depth information on topics such as politics, world news, and pop culture. They seek out scoops, scandals, and breaking stories about secret worlds, love confronting bullies, hypocrites and bigots.

3. The Next Hint

Talking about the next hint, situated in New York provides you the latest news from all over the world. To remain Next updated you must take a few seconds to scroll their news, which we assure is worth your time. They provide information on a variety of subjects such as drama, entertainment industry, Technology, Finance, and a lot more

4. The Wall Street Journal or WSJ

The major subject covered under WSJ is great information about stock markets. Not only this they cover both types of news that is both big and minor.

5. USA Today

USA Today is a trusted source of news for millions of people all over the globe. Here you can get information from traditional news to the latest movies, from informational graphics to popular culture.

6. Newsweek

The list of information provided by this news website is a bit long. They cover a great variety of topics such as international issues, business, technology, culture, politics, national as well as international stories.

7. CNN News

CNN News is the largest news source with the largest staff. They provide you top-notch news at the earliest level. They provide you access to its phenomenal features like searchable archives, live video streaming, and a large selection of other excellent resources.

8.  The Los Angeles Times

LA comes under the largest metropolitan daily newspaper around the country, with more than 30 million unique monthly visitors. It is one of the leading sources of information about sports, breaking news, politics, entertainment, and more for Southern California and worldwide.

9. Active Noon

If you want to view any of the topics about Business, Finance and Technology, the entertainment industry, political drama, and other major incidents, this is the right choice for you. Just go through the websites and get yourself updated.


Keeping yourself up-to-date is the best thing you can do in the current situation of the country. These websites are worth investing in time; you must choose your type of website or can scroll a few of them. All of them will provide you with the best information of Worldwide from any basic news to a breaking one. Keep yourself updated with all the sectors of the country that can be sports, politics, current affairs, economy, and many more.

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