How To Complete The 8 Ball Pool Seasonal Event And Win An Animated Cue

D:Join the holiday-themed Pool Workshop event in 8 Ball Pool and complete missions to earn a special animated cue. Enhance your gaming experience with affordable 8 Ball Pool coins from U7Buy.

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The Pool Workshop is a holiday-themed 8 Ball Pool event that lasts for several weeks during which players complete missions to earn a special animated cue.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to buy 8 Ball pool coins and gain an edge over your competition! Winter is here and the holiday festivities have begun in 8 Ball Pool. The Pool Workshop is a seasonal event celebrating this jolly time of the year. The seasonal content includes a main event, several time-limited events, the seasonal pass, an Advent calendar, and daily gifts. The special event that lasts for three weeks has an amazing reward. Participants can earn an animated cue that supports upgrades. Let’s see how you can obtain it!

How to Complete 8 Ball Pool Missions for the Pool Workshop Event

The first thing you should be aware of is the availability of the event. The Pool Workshop event begins on December 13th and ends on January 3rd. Participants have three weeks at their disposal to obtain the one-of-a-kind cue. Other prizes are also at stake. The event activities include missions. This is how you earn the cue. Players need to complete missions and work towards finishing the festive puzzle. Each piece brings you one step closer to unveiling the holiday picture. For those who want to make the process a bit easier, a handy trick is available. You can use 8 Ball Pool coins to skip missions. In fact, you can skip all the missions. It requires one purchase to finish all the event missions. This is a premium option. Once you are done with all the missions – skipped or completed, it doesn’t matter – you unlock the cue. But wait, the cue is not yet animated.

How to Upgrade the 8 Ball Pool Cue for the Animated Version

Congratulations on unlocking the Pool Workshop cue! The cue stats are 10 max force, 10 max aim, 10 max spin, and 10 max time. It has great attributes, but that’s not all. It is not animated. Now it’s time to upgrade it. The animated form comes as a reward for powering it up to its final form. You will need to acquire cue pieces. It takes 5000 8 Ball Pool coins to recharge the cue. To get it to max level you will need 600 cue pieces. The max level of the cue is 41. Here is what you need to do to obtain the upgrade pieces. You have to win games to be able to upgrade the cue. Winning games grants you victory chests. Inside these chests, you will find Workshop tokens. These tokens are exchanged for cue pieces. Go to the Workshop shop when you have enough tokens and buy the necessary pieces. Throughout the event, all victory boxes will contain tokens. You can also use in-app purchases to obtain tokens. A special reward is set aside for those who upgrade the cue to the max. The Pool Workshop avatar is obtained with the final form of the cue. More rewards can be obtained from time-limited events and the seasonal pass. Enjoy affordable rates for 8 Ball Pool coins! Have questions or concerns? Visit U7Buy and learn more from our dedicated support team!


In conclusion, the Pool Workshop event in 8 Ball Pool offers an exciting and festive way to enhance your gaming experience this holiday season. With its special animated cue reward, a range of missions, and the opportunity to upgrade your cue for even better performance, the event promises both challenge and fun. Remember, the availability of 8 Ball Pool coins from U7Buy makes it easier to skip missions, upgrade your cue, and fully enjoy the holiday-themed event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in the Pool Workshop, collect unique rewards, and engage with the vibrant 8 Ball Pool community. Dive into the winter festivities, showcase your skills, and make this holiday season in 8 Ball Pool your most memorable one yet!

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