The Benefits of Using Thumb Screws

Fasteners make the world go round. Just about any project you can fathom has fasteners of some sort involved. They connect two workpieces together, ensuring stability to whatever that workpiece may be.

Screws are one of the most common fastener types, but there are a plethora of different screw types to be aware of. One of them, the thumb screw, has several uses that may prove beneficial for your next project.

What are Thumb Screws Used for?

Thumb screws have a wide range of applications and uses. Whether for business applications or home improvement projects, there is a good chance that you will need to use thumb screws at some point. You are generally going to see thumb screws used for maintenance projects where they need to be screwed and unscrewed again and again (think lids, wiring, panels, etc.).

They are also quite cheap, providing a cost-effective means of fastening those different components. What you might not have realized is that there are a ton of different uses for thumb screws, even a few you might not have known about.

Thumb Screws Stay Fixed

The most important thing about using a fastener is knowing that it won’t move. Thumb screws are going to remain in place, usually held into place using a washer of some sort. The washer helps to keep the screw in place even if the piece it is screwed into becomes damaged or the screw itself begins to loosen.

For outdoor applications or places where the material is going to face regular abuse, thumb screws are ideal. Their flexibility and ability to hold even in the face of abuse make them a valuable fastener to use, especially with wood that can warp.

Thumb Screws are Quite Durable

When you’re considering a fastener, you need to make sure that they’re going to hold up long term. The good news is that thumb screws are durably made, typically from some sort of steel or a metal alloy such as brass.

Being made of a strong metal improves its strength and durability. Metal screws also tend to look a bit nicer, which helps if you can see them or they aren’t sunk beneath the surface. If you can see the head of the screws in your project, why not make sure that they look as good as possible?

Thumb Screws Have Impact Resistance

A major selling point of thumb screws, in addition to being quite durable, is their ability to hold up under substantial impact. You can also get thumb screws in special designs, threads, lengths, head diameters, and more to fit whatever your project entails.

Each aspect of the design improves the impact resistance of the screws, making them perfect for installations where vibration is involved. Because of the frequent movement caused by vibrations, other fastener types are susceptible to not only shift and lose grip strength but potentially wear down over time.

Thumb Screws are Easier to Hold

There is nothing more frustrating than going to put a nail or screw into a workpiece only to lose a grip on it. With smaller screws, the effort becomes even more annoying, with screws falling out of your grip here and there. But thumb screws are quite a bit easier to hold than some others.

The larger head makes them easier to grip, which helps when it comes to tightening or loosening them. Thumb screws are great for restructuring applications and projects because they require regular maintenance (tightening and loosening). Being able to access them quickly can save a lot of time and frustration, especially with repeated maintenance needs.

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