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Die Cuts

Dies are metal alphabet letters, shapes, and words that are used to cut out of a material. These dies are made from metal and can be made into any shape that you want. They have regular dies and specialty dies that you can use.

These specialty dies can be nesting dies, corner, or edge able. Nesting dies are the same shape dies but come in different sizes. Corner ones give you a nice corner on your material. Edgeable dies will give you pretty edges for your design. 

There are many things that you could do with die cuts. You could also make custom die cut signs to fit the needs of your company or your family event. You might also have these custom signs professionally made. 

This article will help you to learn more about die cuts and how they are used. It will give you some ideas for signs that you could make. You can also do more research to find out more information.

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is very similar to cookie cutting. The difference is the strength of the cutter and the materials that are used. There are small die cuts that can be used in the home or office, and then there are industrial sizes that cut thousands of pieces of material at once. 

There are actually three different machines that you could use to do the job. There are manual machines, digital, and industrial: https://www.engineeringchoice.com/different-types-of-die-cutting-machines/. The different machines are used for different jobs. 

A manual machine is one that you might find in the home or office. It has a crank that you use to push the material through the machine. These are good for school projects or office projects.

A digital machine is another one that you can use at home. It usually has digital cartridges that you can use for your design. These usually have blades rather than dies to cut the material and you could usually do a few pages at a time. 

Industrial machines are meant for mass production of items. This process is automated so that the same design can be printed quickly. There are two different types of cutters that can be fitted on the machines.


One type of cutter that is used is the rotary cutter which forms the shape through pressure that is applied to rounded anvil that will then press into the die. The other is the flatbed cutter that presses the material as it goes through a hydraulic press. 

There are many materials that can be used with your die cutter, no matter the size of the cutter. The most common material is paper, but you might also use adhesives, chip board, cork board, leather, thin fabric, felt, vinyl, rubber, thin plastic, sponge, foam sheets, thin wood, and thin metals. These materials are all safe for the cutters that have been mentioned.


You can use the die cutter to make many different items, but one common item is a sign. You might make a variety of signs for a variety of reasons. See here for some sign ideas. You could make signs for your home, office, or industry.

Some ways that your sign can be formed are by blanking, broaching, creasing, drawing, embossing, engraving, forming, kiss cutting, and by color. More ways include perforating, scoring, and through cutting. These are some of the ways that things can be cut with these machines.

Blanking is when the material is cut in such a way that it becomes completely flat. Broaching is when several teeth on the machine come together to cut through thicker material. Creasing is when the machine just creases the material without cutting through it. 

Kiss cutting is when the die just barely cuts the material and doesn’t cut all the way through it. Cutting means that the cutter goes all the way through the material. These are just a few examples.

You could use some of these processes to make your sign. You might want to use blanking so that your sign is completely flat when it is cut. If you are making many signs at once on a heavier material, you might want to try broaching so that you can cut completely through it. 

Die cutting was originally invented in the mid-19th century to make shoes. They were made to make the soles of shoes in standard sizes so that they would fit better. This technique is still used today.


Die cuts can be used for many things, from school projects and signs to shoes and packages. You can make just about anything that you can think of with the right type of die cutter. You also need the right type of blade or cutter to help you to do the job right. 

There are different types of cuts that can be made with the cutter and they each do a different job. You can just crease the material or cut completely through it, with many things in between. You can make fancy designs with the right kind of cutter. 

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