The Ultimate Guide to the IBPS PO Syllabus: PDF Included

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the IBPS PO syllabus. In India, the IBPS PO test (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officer) is one of the most competitive banking exams, and success depends on having a firm grasp of the subject. The IBPS po syllabus pdf, its sections, and the most important subjects to pay attention to will all be thoroughly covered in this post. 

English Language Section

The IBPS po syllabus pdf is English Language portion is intended to assess applicants’ command of English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. Key topics covered in this section include reading comprehension, cloze test, error detection, sentence correction, para jumbles, and vocabulary-based questions. Candidates should improve their reading speed, comprehension skills, and vocabulary to excel in this section. In the English Language section, candidates are evaluated on their ability to comprehend passages, identify grammatical errors, and demonstrate a strong command of vocabulary. Building reading speed and comprehension skills and expanding one’s vocabulary repertoire is essential for excelling in this section.

Quantitative Aptitude Section

The Quantitative Aptitude section aims to assess candidates’ numerical and mathematical abilities. This section covers number series, simplification, data interpretation, quadratic equations, percentage, ratio and proportion, time and work, probability, and permutation and combination. Developing a solid foundation in mathematical concepts, practising calculations, and learning shortcut techniques will significantly enhance performance in this section. The Quantitative Aptitude section demands candidates to have a solid grasp of mathematical concepts and a knack for problem-solving. Strengthening numerical abilities, practising calculation techniques, and learning shortcuts can significantly boost performance in this section.

Reasoning Ability Section

The Reasoning Ability section evaluates candidates’ logical and analytical reasoning skills. It tests their ability to analyse and solve complex problems. Key topics covered in this section include seating arrangement, syllogism, coding-decoding, blood relations, input-output, puzzles, logical reasoning, and data sufficiency. Candidates should improve their logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities to excel in this section. The Reasoning Ability section challenges candidates to think critically and analyse complex problems. Enhancing logical reasoning skills, practising different types of puzzles, and mastering problem-solving techniques are vital for success in this section.

General Awareness Section

The General Awareness section tests candidates’ knowledge of current affairs, banking awareness, and general knowledge. This section covers banking and financial awareness, current affairs, static GK, and general knowledge. To excel in this section, candidates should stay updated with the latest news, read newspapers and magazines regularly, and familiarise themselves with banking terms and concepts. The General Awareness section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of current affairs, banking practices, and general knowledge. Staying updated with recent news, regularly reading newspapers and magazines, and understanding key banking concepts will significantly contribute to performing well in this section.

Computer Awareness Section

The Computer Awareness section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of computer basics, operating systems, and computer applications. Key topics covered in this section include computer hardware and software, networking, internet, MS Office, and computer security. Candidates should focus on improving their knowledge of computer fundamentals, basic terminologies, and recent technological advancements to perform well in this section. The Computer Awareness section assesses candidates’ understanding of computer fundamentals, software applications, and internet-related concepts. Familiarising yourself with computer hardware, networking basics, and the latest technological advancements is crucial to excel in this section.


In conclusion, the IBPS po syllabus pdf covers various sections to assess candidates’ proficiency in different areas. Understanding the curriculum and concentrating on important themes in each area are essential for performing well on the exam. Candidate success in the IBPS PO test can be increased by practising and developing the requisite abilities. Remember to use the downloadable PDF provided with this guide to have a comprehensive and easily accessible resource for your preparation. Good luck!

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