New Findings Reveal Vehicle Cloning on the Rise in the UK

New Findings Reveal Vehicle Cloning on the Rise in the UK: A recent campaign by leading motoring organizations, optical associations and eye care charities has shown that more than 900,000 British drivers would fail their eyesight test if they were asked.

Insurance or Illegal Activity

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that vehicle cloning – when someone uses the same registration details on two or more vehicles to avoid fines, road tax, insurance or illegal activity – is on the rise in the UK. Hackney Council reported the highest number of cases, with 1,160 cloned vehicles recorded in a 12-month period, while Harrow and Waltham Forest each recorded 350 instances.

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Leading Online Number Plate Supplier, a leading online number plate supplier, has highlighted that vehicle cloning is becoming more prevalent in the UK. Vehicle cloning involves using the license plate of a legitimate vehicle and applying it to a stolen or illegally imported vehicle. This allows criminals to avoid detection and operate the vehicle without being detected.’s research suggests that the increase in cloning may be due to the ease of obtaining counterfeit license plates, which are often sold online. The company is encouraging motorists to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities. They are also recommending that people invest in security measures, such as CCTV and tracking devices, to deter criminals.

The DVLA has an extensive collection of number plates available for sale. These can be found on its website and in auctions that take place regularly.

There are many different types of plates to choose from, including dateless-style plates and prefix-style plates. These are the most desirable and can be any combination of numbers and letters.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

A recent report by the Government found that number plate cloning is on the rise in the UK, putting thousands of innocent drivers at risk. The findings showed that the increasing use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras has made it too easy for criminals to clone plates and avoid detection by police.

According to the report, criminals clone the number plates of other cars and use them for a range of different activities, from less serious crimes like evading traffic charges or avoiding a speeding fine to more serious crime such as cash and valuables in transit (CViT) robbery.

Criminals also clone the number plates of older, polluting vehicles in an effort to evade Clean Air Zone (CAZ) fees. This trend is becoming more common in the UK as the ULEZ zone expands, meaning that more people are looking to clone their number plates to avoid paying the corresponding fees.

Growing Trend of Vehicle Cloning in the UK has released data revealing a growing trend of vehicle cloning in the UK. This crime is when a car’s private number plates are stolen or duplicated and then used by criminals to commit crimes:

  • Often, this is done by stealing the registration plate from another legally registered car and then having fake plates produced illegally. 
  • These can then be used by criminals to evade fines, such as parking tickets and congestion charges.
  • These cloned cars are commonly found in low emissions zones and have no road tax, insurance or MOT certificate. 
  • They can also get away with a host of other crimes such as driving in bus lanes or breaking speed limits.
  • The UK has been suffering from an increase in cloning cases over the past year. 
  • The growing issue is a major concern and one that can put drivers at risk.

Private Number Plates of Vehicles

Vehicle cloning is a method used by criminals to copy the private number plates of vehicles that do not belong to them. It is a very serious crime, and can have a significant impact on your business.

Car cloning is a growing issue for motorists and fleet managers alike. It is estimated that around 20% of cars on the road are running with cloned number plates.

A cloned car can be used in all sorts of crimes, from parking tickets and speeding fines to petrol drive-offs and more serious criminal activities. The cloned plate can help the criminal commit the crime and hide their identity from police.


VIN cloning is a major problem, and one of the reasons for the creation of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). This Department of Justice Database, operated by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, links state motor vehicle departments across the country.

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