The Top 4 Common Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice is a serious but common issue in the medical industry. It happens when a doctor or nurse fails to provide adequate care to a patient, which could result in emotional or physical injury. 

According to recent statistics, around 20,000 malpractice lawsuits are filed annually in the US. With so many malpractice suits, it’s important to know the different types of claims that could affect you or a loved one. The following is a list of common malpractice claims:

Failure to Diagnose

You might have a claim if your doctor failed to diagnose a condition that you had been complaining about, even though you told them about it. You might not have been able to describe the symptoms very well, or perhaps you were reluctant to discuss your symptoms with the doctor for fear of sounding silly. Some doctors are so busy that they don’t take the time to slow down and listen to their patient’s concerns. 

Injuries During Childbirth

The most common malpractice claim related to childbirth is injuries sustained by the mother during birth. This can occur because of a lack of proper training or when medical professionals are negligent in their duties, such as failing to properly monitor a patient’s blood pressure or not responding quickly enough when there are signs of distress. 

Injuries sustained during childbirth can also be caused by medical malpractice, which means that something went wrong with the delivery itself. This can affect the health of the baby during delivery. For example, medical malpractice can lead to cerebral palsy by either causing a baby to be born with the condition or by not treating it quickly enough after it is diagnosed. 

If the doctor fails to treat an injury or illness in a way that causes permanent damage, that doctor could be liable for medical malpractice. This will lead to the parents looking into a malpractice claim. Cerebral Palsy settlements are the option most will choose for malpractice because they provide compensation so parents will have the support they need. 

Miscommunication with the Patient

Miscommunication with patients is one of the most common claims in medical malpractice cases. It’s a leading cause of malpractice claims and can lead to serious consequences for both patient and doctor.

The best way to avoid miscommunication is by talking through any questions or concerns you may have with your physician before any treatments are performed. While this may seem obvious, many patients don’t discuss their worries until after they’ve been treated or the doctor does not fully tell a patient their options when it comes to treatment. 

Failure to Refer to Another Specialist

When you are treating a patient, it is important to refer them to another specialist if they need one. This can help you treat your patients in the best way possible and prevent them from needing unnecessary treatment. 

Failure to refer a patient to a specialist is medical malpractice because it violates the standard of care, which requires that doctors make referrals when needed. Failure to refer may also be considered negligence if it results in a patient’s death or another serious injury.


As you can see, there are many types of malpractice claims. If you think that your doctor has made a mistake and caused damage to your health or well-being, you must speak up and seek legal counsel before it’s too late.

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