The Themes and Tones of ‘Charmed’

Put three young witches together and an underworld filled with demons and warlocks, and you get Charmed. Charmed was that unique quirky series about three young witches that ran for eight seasons. Each episode featured a unique issue, often in 5D, although some issues were commonplace. Either way, it was interesting to watch Prue, Phoebe and Piper navigate their world and deal with their life issues both expected and unexpected. Brad Kern produced Charmed, a series that explores all witchy issues, love, and family, all under the same hat. We watch the sisters deal with love, pregnancy, family issues, and the unexpected with courage and resilience. They all played the sleuth, using both witchy skills and their instigative techniques to help them figure things out and come to conclusions. 

Special Powers and Sisterhood Combined…

Each sister was gifted with her own unique powers. Some they were aware of while some they were not. As each episode progresses, you also witness the progression of each sister as they navigate their lives. Later episodes hint at the legacy of Charmed through childbirth. We all wonder what special gifts the children will have and what will be done to both sustain and maintain each sister’s special powers. We also wonder how the offspring will be reared and if they’ll be able to wield any special gifts they may have. There’s a realistic element to the series, because the sisters do get tired of each other from time to time, and the series displays this, as well as the sense of loyalty shared between each sister, as they navigate the world. The sisters share conversations, plans, and witchy experiences in the same house episode after episode. 

A Normal Life…

The series does a good job of depicting normalcy. You may encounter one episode where a sister is falling in love and perhaps trying to figure out her feelings as well as get attention from a new love interest. Juggling romantic relationships, motherhood, and a warlock that keeps coming back, proves to be a lot for the sisters. However, they fight their demons and warlocks and rest only to resurface when another dark threat presents itself. One central fact is obvious, these sisters stick together through thick and thin, and provide support for day-to-day issues as well as issues in the 5D. The series showcases the fact that these powerful sisters take both everyday measures as well as measures that utilize their special powers to solve problems and issues. 

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