How You Can Work on the Key Characteristics That Every Teacher Needs 

There are many roles available within the world of education and it is an incredibly enticing career for many different people. If you are interested in pursuing a career within education, then this is a great idea as it can be incredibly rewarding and a job role that not many people seem to regret. Of course, if you are going to be a good teacher, then there are several characteristics that you will need to possess to do the job well and ensure kids are getting the best education possible. We are going to be discussing these important characteristics in more deta,il as well as how you can effectively develop these skills too. 

The Benefits of Being a Teacher 

Firstly, let’s discuss the main benefits of becoming a teacher. There are several reasons why people do this job but some of the most prevalent include: 

  • Variety 

If you don’t like the idea of an office job because you don’t want to have the same old 9 – 5 every day, then teaching is an excellent choice for you. No two days are ever going to be the same when you step into your classroom, not only because you will be teaching different subjects but in general the layout of the day will vary as well. Thanks to the likes of school trips, different celebrations, and holidays, you are going to have a huge variety in your day-to-day happenings. 

  • You Are Making a Difference 

We all remember that one amazing teacher that we had at school. The fact that we remember them shows just how much of a positive impact they can have on our lives. A lot of teachers pursue a career in education because they recognize the importance of a good teacher from their childhood and, as such, want to pass it on. For other people, it’s the opposite. They might not feel like they got a good education and, as such, want to ensure future generations don’t have to go through the same thing. Either way, if you are a good teacher and go into the role with an open mind and a willingness to instil a positive experience in people’s lives, then you are going to love doing this job. 

  • You’ll Get Support Whilst Training and a Good Salary 

If certain subjects are particularly in demand, then you can go ahead and learn how to teach them and will receive support whilst doing so. Not everyone goes into teaching for the pay, but it is still a nice bonus knowing that you are going to be rewarded financially for all your hard work. In general, the salaries for teaching are pretty good, if you excel at your role, then you are going to be looking at building up an impressive salary. 

The Characteristics of a Good Teacher 

There are a few different characteristics that a good teacher should have. If you don’t feel like you have some of these skills, then that’s okay as they can all be learnt and developed. Throughout this article, we will discuss in more detail exactly how you can learn these different characteristics and ensure you have them up to scratch before you enter the world of teaching. 

  • Communication 

One of the largest parts of being a good teacher is being good at communicating. This means communicating information in a way that can be easily understood and absorbed, but then also passing on instructions and generally controlling your class. You will need to be able to communicate in several different ways, including verbally, written, and with artistic interpretation. 

Developing Communication Skills 

  1. Try working in roles whilst qualifying that make it so you need to communicate effectively with others. These can include the likes of calling telecommunications jobs and maybe something in sales. These jobs are relatively accessible and, therefore, you should be able to do them whilst studying. 
  2. Join a debating group as in doing this you are going to need to properly enhance your ability to communicate and effectively convey a point.
  3. Try to write for your local paper or write a blog that will make it so you are working on your written communication skills. 
  • Organization 

When you are a teacher, you are going to need to have effective organizational skills. This is because of the fact your work is not just confined to what you do in your school day, but you are going to need to prepare lesson plans and mark the work that your students do too. 

Developing Organizational Skills 

  1. Ensure you are practicing organization in everyday life. This could be in the role that you already do, with your studying or with personal activities like jobs around the house, you will develop routines that work best for you in the process. 
  2. Take advantage of the software that is out there, which will help you when it comes to doing the jobs that are necessary for your role. For instance, you can use different websites, such as, that will help when it comes to putting a lesson plan together. It means that you won’t be spending as much time doing your lesson plans and, therefore, it is going to be a lot more straightforward to keep an eye on everything else that you must do. 
  3. Be sure to stay on top of your calendar, so that you can plan how everything in your week is going to go. There are several good calendar apps out there that you can use, which will help you stay on top of everything. 
  • Creativity 

Kids seem to learn more effectively when they are doing something fun and truly engaging, and, as such, you must be creative in your approach to teaching. Kids probably aren’t going to learn a lot if you are just reading from a sheet to them. You need to make sure you are giving your students activities to do, so that they can get more involved with the lessons and are going to learn more as a result. 

Developing Creativity Skills 

  1. Take up a hobby that is artistic and creative, so that you can properly engage with your creative side. Good hobbies include the likes of music, drama, and painting. 
  2. Get a lot more used to sharing different ideas and brainstorming whenever you have a problem. You are going to be able to pick up different creative skills when you are working with others, and it will allow you to come up with more creative ideas that you’ll be able to use when teaching your class. 
  3. Find something that inspires you, once you have the inspiration you are going to be able to draw from that when it comes to putting together lesson plans and working out how you are going to teach your class. 


Many different benefits come with being a teacher and, therefore, it is hardly a surprise that there are so many people out there who are interested in pursuing a career in the world of teaching. Of course, there are several skills that teachers need to possess. If you feel like you don’t have good communication, organization, and creative skills, then this isn’t too much of a worry as there are several ways that you can develop your skills so they can be used in the classroom. As a teacher, you’re set for a long-term exciting career.

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