Why is My Kitty Kicking Litter All Over the Place?

One of the most common puzzling questions feline pet parents can have about their kitty is why they kick the litter out of their box. Though it can be frustrating, you need to know it is typical cat behavior, so it is best to focus on training your cat on litter box usage rather than complaining about their pesky habit.

Young kittens may find the entire episode to be play and fun. However, over time kitties usually overcome this habit. At the other end of the age range, older cats can suffer from mobility issues that result in them accidentally kicking out the litter box contents. Pet insurance for cats covers your pet for non-routine vet visits, diagnosis and treatment during illnesses, accidents, pet health emergencies, and more.

The best pet insurance offers broader coverage, so you may not have to stress much about the financials involved in getting your pet cured of covered health conditions. You can focus on having your pet treated with top-notch medical care instead. So, purchase a pet insurance policy that best fits your pet’s needs. For now, we have some tips to lower your kitty’s litter-kicking habit. Read them so you can work on resolving the issue, as stopping your kitty from doing it can be next to impossible.

Place a larger litter box

Kitty may demand comfort while pooping. So, it only makes sense to purchase a bigger litter box so your fur baby can turn around, dig in, cover the poop, and quickly pull out its forearms from the litter heap. Usually, the biggest problems in the world can have the simplest of solutions, so consider this idea and notice how things can change around using the litter box.

Increase the litter quantity

The rationale behind your kitty’s litter kicking act can be to hide evidence about their whereabouts. Kitty’s instincts tell them to dig the litter deep enough and conceal their waste to stay protected from predators.

Like you find a kitty’s litter-kicking habit annoying, they may find too little litter in the box frustrating. Shallow litter can be a reason why they try digging more aggressively and spreading it all around the place.

Provide your kitty with sufficient litter so they can dig until their heart’s content without making a mess.

Select a litter box with a cover and/or high sides

A litter box with a cover can be inviting for a young kitten at home. However, mature cats may find it uncomfortable, in which case you may select litter boxes with high sides, so the box contents remain inside after the kitty has finished their business.

Make sure the high sides don’t obstruct their entry and exit; else, you may have to deal with scattered litter all over again.

Clean the litter box regularly

Kitty may love to eliminate in a clean box, so you may have to comply with their needs. Else, your kitty could find a clean spot to poop. Also, your kitty can leave litter-soaked paw prints on the floor that you may have to clean up later.

You can consider moving the litter box to a safer place outdoors when all else fails. However, if your kitty has trouble using the litter box, you may need to take your kitty cat to the vet to understand its concerns. Pet insurance for cats can help you with unscheduled vet visits, medications, and more in times of illness and injury. The best pet insurance allows you to provide your fur baby medical care for specific health conditions at affordable costs. So, buy a policy to make the whole affair financially smooth sailing.

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