Laser Hair vs Waxing: A Comparison

When you are searching for a way to remove hair quickly, effectively, and permanently in 2022, there are a few options at your disposal.

Okay, so not all of them will remove your body hair permanently, but there have been great advances in technologies surrounding the removal of body hair, meaning that most treatments today have longer-lasting effects. However, many people who are looking for more permanent solutions are tempted to undertake laser hair removal, with others considering this option to be no better (and a great deal more expensive) than simple waxing done at a spa.

However, what are the differences between waxing and laser hair removal, and how do they compare to each other? This article explores this question and many more.


To have your hair waxed, either professionally or at home, you must wait for it to grow to a certain length, which can take weeks. The waxing process itself can take up to an hour too. However, when it comes to laser hair removal, you can have the hairs removed even if they are freshly erupting through the skin, and each session may only last a few moments, depending on the area you are having treated. When aiming to have laser hair removal, be sure to book it somewhere like dermani Medspa to ensure that the results last as long as possible.


There is no way around it; waxing is uncomfortable, especially in the groin area or under the arms, even with numbing gels. This can deter many people from seeking this option to remove their hair. However, laser hair removal does not cause discomfort; rather, it simply feels warm, so of the two procedures, this is undoubtedly the more comfortable option for those who have sensitive skin.


In the short-term, waxing is by far the most cost-effective option, but if you need to have your legs, bikini line, or other areas waxed once a month, then the cost can quickly add up. It is true that laser hair may be more expensive initially, but based on the longevity of the results, you will be unlikely to require as many follow-up treatments as you would with waxing, so overall it may cost less.


In the long-term, waxing will need to be redone to keep your skin free of hairs and to prevent itching or ingrowing hairs. On average, many women and men need to have waxing done at least once a month, either professionally or at home. When it comes to laser hair removal, there will be an initial batch of treatments, but after this, any touch-ups or follow-ups will be minimal and further spaced apart, at around 3 to 4 months at a time, eventually leading to hardly any at all. So, in the long term, laser hair removal has the best outcome.

Just be sure that whenever you are booking a laser hair removal or a wax, you do so with a trained team, as amateur applications of both treatments can result in damage to the skin. So, shop around for the best spa near you.

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