DIY Furniture Ideas for Beginners

We all know just how expensive it is to purchase a house in today’s society; however, something that is often forgotten about until it comes to it is the cost of furnishing a house. After shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house, you then have to spend thousands more to put furniture in the space. One of the most effective methods of cutting the cost of furniture is by building some yourself; however, this can be a daunting task if you’ve never built anything before. Despite this, you needn’t worry! There are so many simple furniture pieces you can build with the right saw blades, nails, and a hammer, as listed below.

A Bench

First up is a bench, which can be built for less than $20 and can be fully crafted within the space of an afternoon. Since it’s such a quick and easy piece to complete, this is the perfect starting point for your DIY furniture journey. All you need to do is create a solid base and place four slabs of wood atop this base and fix them in a way that you see fit. Once your bench is all built, you can then sand it down and paint it or just cover it in a simple varnish for a more natural look.

A Coffee Table

The beauty of a coffee table is that you can often take inspiration from flat pack furniture companies, such as IKEA. Coffee tables are so widespread and the construction of such is often so similar that finding flat pack furniture inspiration is easy. With as little as eight slabs of wood and a sturdy base, you can create the coffee table of your dreams. As with the bench, once finished, you can sand off your coffee table and paint it in your desired colors or cover it in a natural wood stain. 

A Single Bed

If you’re a family with little ones, you might save a little more money by building their beds. It’s easy to get your hands on plans online that take you through every step you need to build the perfect bed for your child. If you’re new to the DIY sphere, it’s recommended that you follow some kind of professional plan rather than freestyling for this particular item. This is because you want a child’s bed to be as safe and secure as possible, and you don’t want it to struggle to bear weight. 

A Planter Box

When it comes to furnishing a house, accessories and centerpieces are often an afterthought, and this is mainly because you’ve had to shell out lots of cash on the main furniture pieces. Despite this, with the cost-cutting solution of building your own furniture, you can incorporate accessories into the early stages of your furnishing journey. This way, your home won’t seem so bare like start-up homes usually do. In order to build a planter box, you’ll need to spend around eight dollars, in addition to an hour of building. Couldn’t be any simpler, right?

A Cupcake Stand

 Speaking of homemade centerpieces, why not try building your very own cupcake stand? It’s this sort of home accessory that stands out to visitors, and they’ll be insisting that you tell them where you got it from. Well, just imagine how impressed they’d be if you told them that you made it with your own two hands! Though we’ll call it a cupcake stand, it doesn’t have to be used to store cupcakes, and will even look great with nothing on it. What a nice touch for a new home. 

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