Surrogacy costs with different services and surrogacy for singles

Surrogacy is the only hope for infertile couples to have a biological child. Moreover, surrogacy is the process where a surrogate mother gives birth to a child to whom she is either connected or not. The process where the surrogate mother’s eggs are used to fertilize the embryo is when the woman is the child’s biological mother. The sperm from the father is used in the process; otherwise, sperm is used from the donor. When the eggs of the future mother are used to fertilize the embryo, then the surrogate mother has no genetic connection with the child. The future mother is the biological mother of the newborn. Moreover, leihmutter preis is different in every country.

Feskov reproductive clinic is one such clinic that offers surrogacy services in Ukraine. Even more, there are a few reasons why one should choose the fescov clinic for surrogacy:

●      Reliability

●      Warranty

●      Comfort

●      Affordable prices

Warranty programs

The feskov reproductive clinic does not charge any additional cost and provides multiple benefits to its customers.

Here are some of the benefits you get after choosing the process:

●      You will get 100% guaranteed results for the program you choose

●      You will get the chance to have unlimited IVF+ICSI/ IVF+PGD programs

●      Opportunity to select egg donor as per your phenotype

●      Option to generate perfectly healthy child

●      Possibility to choose your desired gender for the baby

●      Surety of complete connection with the surrogate mother

●      Completion of the legal procedure through the wide network of lawyers partners all across the globe

Surrogacy service for singles

service of clinick of feskov in tschechien is quite affordable. Surrogacy clinics like feskov reproductive clinic do not only believe in surrogacy for couples, but they do provide surrogacy for singles too. Moreover, fescov clinics offer PGD with unlimited IVF attempts unless the child’s birth. Following are the service you get if you choose for surrogacy procedure for singles:

●      The clinic ensures coverage of the total risks until the born

●      Confirms birth of a healthy biological child

●      Ensures that the delivery takes place in the Czech republic

●      The program is perfectly ideal for people who are not married or singles

Surrogacy procedure

Surrogacy itself sounds like a very small thing, but if you go in-depth, it is a huge field. There are plenty of things inside if we talk about surrogacy in detail. The procedure includes the following:

●      Before the beginning of the IVF program, a proper inspection of the man is done

●      A thorough check of the sperm quality

●      Semen’s cryopreservation is done

●      The clinic ensures the provision of the egg donor and complete information about the candidate

●      Ensures a comfort level stay and provision of meals three times a day

●      Complete preparation of legal documents


Surrogacy itself is a deep topic and offers plenty of services. There are different programs that the feskov reproductive group provides to its customers. Even more, surrogacy is not only meant for married couples, but this incredible service is available for the singles too. It depends on what kind of service you want to choose or what the clinic advises you.

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