Astro A40 TR Headset Review

The Astro A40 TR Headset is a premium headphones and headset that features a detachable ear panel for customizing the audio. Its panels are attached with magnets and are advertised as “customizable speaker tags.” While it is easy to swap out the ear cup panel, it is not very easy to remove them. Luckily, there are replacement panels available for purchase on Astro’s website.

Dolby Audio

The A40 headset is made of black matte plastic with silver accents. The ear-cups are connected by a headband with an aluminum strut. This allows the ear cups to rotate freely while you are using the headset. Over-ear earpads are made of memory foam covered in soft cloth. The underside of the headband is lined with a rectangular pieceofthe same material. It’s mounted between two flexible plastic bands. The headset features Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing and is compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The A40 TR headset is packaged in a nice, stylish black box. It features the Astro logo in the upper right-hand corner. Below that is a brief description of the headset and its highlights. The package also contains more information about the product, including an illustration of the different parts. Overall, this headset provides good sound quality. The MixAmp provides ample power.

MixAmp Pro TR

The Astro A40 TR is a versatile headset for gaming. It is suited to use in a variety of settings, including LAN gaming and highly-loud pro tournaments. Its closed-back noise-canceling design enables you to enjoy the best possible gaming experience in any environment. For maximum noise-canceling benefits, the A40 TR headset comes with a MixAmp Pro software.

The MixAmp is a powerful sounding audio solution, delivering excellent power. Music lovers will appreciate the wide range of frequency response. The MixAmp can bring any song to life and makes your favorite genres sound rich and natural. However, it does lack low-end sound for certain types of music. Another issue is that the earpads are made of soft fabric and do not form a decent seal.

The MixAmp Pro TR for Astro A40 offers a host of features for gamers. First, it features a 6.5-foot cable with an in-line microphone mute switch, and a four-pole

3.5mm plug that will connect to popular PCs, PS4 consoles, and smartphones. It works with all of these devices, but does not work with Xbox One X.

3.5mm headphone jack

The Astro A40 TR headset features a 3.5mm headphone jack and is powered by a two-microphone, four-pole AUX cable. The headset is only available as a wired headset and cannot be used wirelessly. The A40 is impressive for wired use and features low audio latency. The A40 is also compatible with modern game consoles and PCs with separate ports. The headset comes with a cable but not with the MixAmp Pro TR.

The Astro A40 TR headset comes with a splitter cable and is designed for use with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has no controls and only a mic mute switch on the in-line cable. The headphones are detachable and the splitter cable is removable. If you’re planning to use the Astro A40 TR with your computer, you should consider buying the MixAmp.

Premium price

The Astro A40 TR features detachable panels on each ear cup that can be swapped out magnetically. The company calls these panels “customizable speaker tags.” Though the Astro A40 TR doesn’t come with a detachable microphone, it’s easy to change the panels on your own. The company offers replacement parts on its website.

The A40 TR’s design is similar to that of the A40. It’s mainly made of matte black plastic. On top of that, it has aluminum struts that connect the earcups and headband to achieve smooth vertical adjustment. The over-ear earpads are made of memory foam and are covered with soft cloth. The headband itself features a rectangular pad made of the same material as the earpads. The earcups and headband are held together with flexible plastic bands.

The Astro A40 TR headset has a decent audio quality, especially with the help of MixAmp. The software is quite easy to use and the headset’s EQ presets are quite good. The default EQ profile gives a kick in the bass and upper-mid register. It is not an overly distorted headset, but it does sound good. The only drawbacks are the hefty price and the absence of in-built volume controls.

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