Six superb home improvement ideas if you’re on a tight budget

Six superb home improvement ideas if you’re on a tight budget: Investment doesn’t end once you find yourself a good home to move to; many maintenance and renovation efforts are yet to follow. However, fear not; all improvement projects must be that heavy on your pocket.

In Michigan, the weather can be harsh, and quite often, homeowners have to make frequent repairs to damage that the house’s exterior suffers. 

Other times, the desire for enhanced aesthetics encourages them to make massive renovations and get a complete makeover.

Home remodeling does not happen overnight but can be made easier, provided the goal is a budget-friendly change. 

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your residence without emptying your pockets on renovation. 

For homeowners looking to bring positive change to their home’s interior and exterior, the following are some excellent home improvement ideas that won’t cost you a lot:

1.      Repair the roof

Without a sound, strong, and impenetrable roof, every other effort that goes into your house’s interior will go to waste. 

Especially considering the weather in Michigan, only a strong roof can defend your property against the elements.

It is no secret that the weather can get unbearably humid and wet here. Homeowners commonly complain about moisture, mold, storm damage, fading paint, and energy wastage because air leaks fail their renovation efforts.

Many roofing innovations today can offer protection against winter storms in Michigan, and this should be your first investment in home improvement.

If your house has had the unfortunate experience of a destructive winter storm, it is likely that your house’s interior also needs a deep cleaning. 

So, if you’re looking for reliable cleaning services, type in Commercial Cleaning Services Grand Rapids Michigan on Google to know more. 

2.       Repaint the interior and exterior walls

When changing the aesthetic and overall look is your goal, one of the cheapest options is to change the paint. The overall color scheme of the interior and exterior has a significant impact on your house’s outlook.

If you are a fanatic about pastel colors and don’t have the heart or courage to go bold with shades, earthy tones – like beige – are the common choice among Michigan residents. Combining it with undertones of another shade like pink is best if you opt for beige.

Alternatively, you can go green or create an amalgamation of shades of blue. Darker shades like dark brown, navy blue, or even black are a hit in Michigan.

As for exterior home paint, it certainly needs repair every few years because, over time, the color fades away or looks scratched. Higher quality paint used for this purpose can protect your walls against the elements of nature.

In Michigan, painting the exterior can cost $1.20 to $3.00 for each square foot. This home improvement idea is much more budget-friendly than many other projects. 

3.      Install plantation shutters

When living in a closely packed community with houses next to one another, one common problem is privacy; this gets multiplied when your home is lit and very easy to peek into from afar.

Get rid of this problem and add to your house’s aesthetic by getting plantation shutters! These shutters serve another purpose, particularly during harsh winters and scorching summers; they block out the intense cold or heat.

These shutters are an excellent replacement for curtains or drapes that take a lot more space; luckily, they never go out of fashion. 

You can give your place an elegant appeal and add to its value with plantation shutters.

Moreover, its energy effectiveness will help reduce your bills when using internal heating or cooling. During the winters, interior heat doesn’t make it out, and the external chill doesn’t seep in.

4.      Renew the finish on your kitchen cabinets

A dull kitchen interior can suck the life out of a spacious room and make it look cramped and overcrowded. 

Fortunately, you can give your kitchen a brighter makeover without replacing those cupboards and storage units. All it needs is a new layer of paint.

Begin by getting an initial overview to ascertain that the wooden frame structures are up to par and don’t need to be replaced. Then clean the surfaces and brush up the paint with the color you like. 

You can also call in the professionals if you don’t want to risk doing a lousy job at it; there are always professional paint services you can look for around Michigan.

On average, a kitchen makeover with fresh paint can cost $100 for each drawer and $175 for each cabinet. 

A more budget-friendly but time-consuming alternative would be to go pro yourself and start a DIY project.

For this, a gallon of paint could cost you $55; you can paint 12 cabinet surfaces in one gallon.

5.      Embrace your love for nature; go green!

Michigan winters can be pretty grueling for someone who thrives on nature. It can get gloomy when the plants don’t bloom anymore, and the gardens are barren. 

An excellent solution is introducing houseplants that thrive in low light and can survive the chilling winters in this region.

In addition to adding to the interior aesthetic of your house, plants purify the air and remove toxins. There is no better alternative if you wish to get a breath of fresh air and get rid of the chilling winter gloom.

While not all plants can survive without enough light, some species, like the Ivy, Snake Plant, ZZ plants, and Pothos, prefer to be kept from sunlight. These plants are perfect for the Michigan weather.

6.      Get a dishwasher

If you don’t have a dishwasher yet, you must be well aware of the amount of effort and time that goes into washing all the dishes by hand. Also, don’t forget to consider the amount of water wasted when doing the dishes yourself.

A dishwasher can reduce your water consumption by 40%! A one-time investment in a reliable dishwasher can save you more than 500 gallons a year. You’ll notice the tremendous difference in water bills once you get a dishwasher.

Also, an old dishwasher could be eating away your electricity and creating havoc on your water and electricity bills. It’s time to get a new one.

Final words

It’s a common misconception that home renovation will inevitably be costly. Many home improvement ideas can bring a notable change to your living space on a modest budget. 

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