5 Pro Tips for Buying Shoes Online

5 Pro Tips for Buying Shoes Online: In 2020, the sneakers market size reached $78.750 billion worldwide. At a compound annual growth rate of 7.2%, this industry will grow to $128.110 billion between 2021 and 2027.

With advanced technology, many businesses shift operations online each year. So, it’s no surprise that many individuals, especially the young generation, prefer buying shoes online nowadays.

When buying sneakers online, you want to ensure you get the best experience. Unfortunately, buying shoes online isn’t a walk in the park for most customers.

You might worry about finding your perfect fit and if the sneakers will be the same color as those you saw online. Buying shoes online may seem like an uphill task, but it doesn’t have to be.

This article provides you with five pro tips for buying shoes online.

1. Measure Your Feet

One of the biggest challenges when buying shoes online is to find your perfect fit. When you’re measuring your feet, you must consider two measurements.

These include the length and width of your feet. How your shoes fit on top of your feet is another factor for your comfort. Even so, it’s not a factor you must focus on when measuring your feet.

If your shoe has the right length and width, the chances are high that the sneakers will also be comfortable on top of your feet.

Usually, your shoe size will correspond to the length of your feet. So, ensure you’re most careful with this when measuring your feet.

Consider the straight line across the widest part of your feet when measuring the width. Although your foot width is essential, it’s not as important as the length of your feet.

Your foot width may only be relevant if you’re buying specific types of footwear like work boots and shoes. This is so because most sneakers will have one standard size.

If you find it challenging to learn how to measure your shoe size, visit a professional shoe store for help. At the store, the professional will use the Brannock device to measure your feet.

2. Know the Shoes You Want

You’ll need a clear idea of the shoes you want to buy online before making a final decision. Buying shoes online just because you need some shoes will make you choose poorly since you’ve plentiful options at your disposal.

Various ways can help you clearly understand the shoes you want to buy online. You can start by asking yourself what type of shoe you


Also, consider how you will use your new pair of shoes. Factor in how comfortable you’d like your sneakers to be and the look you want.

After analyzing such questions, you’ll be better positioned to narrow your search. That way, you can avoid unwanted distractions by buying shoes that are not right for you.

It would help if you also considered the affordability factor after you have narrowed it down to your desired options. Since you’re buying shoes online, you can try to guess the quality of the shoe by the price tag.

In most cases, high-quality footwear will have a slightly high price tag. Still, that’s not always the case; you may need to take calculated risks.

3. Choose a Store With a Good Return and Exchange Policy

Sometimes, you might have done your due diligence but still, get a pair of sneakers that don’t fit. You can also get a pair of shoes that doesn’t feel or look like they did when placing the order online.

Besides, just like when you’re shopping in-store, there’s always a chance that you may receive a defective shoe.

Due to such cases, it’s always recommended to buy Jordan 6’s from an online store with a good return policy. A good store will give you at least a few days to return the defective shoes for a refund, store credit, or exchange.

Even so, you must ensure that the shoes you’re returning are in their original, perfect condition. Be sure to ask the online agent about their return and exchange policies.

Comparing the return policies between more than two online shoe stores is good. That way, you increase your chances of getting better options.

4. Know the Shipping Options and Total Costs

The most basic reason for shopping online is to get great deals. You may find online shoe stores that charge for shipping the package while others don’t.

Ensure that you do your research extensively. If the information from the website doesn’t display any shipping fees, ask your online agent.

Purchase your shoes from an online store that provides free shipping after purchase. After all, the goal is to save money and find a good deal.

You can also ask if your online store offers discounts to new customers if you buy for the first time. Some shops will do so, but others will want you to buy from them a couple of times to qualify for discounts.

5. Find a Reputable Online Store

Trust is vital at any store but even more critical if your business is online. The more customers trust your online store, the more you attract and retain new customers.

You can determine if an online store is reputable in several ways. First, read online reviews and feedback from previous clients.

Also, search social media platforms and review what other customers comment. The online reviews and comments will help you know how good the customer service of your online shoe store is.

You can browse to get Google reviews about the online shoe store of your choice. Ensure you buy your shoes from a store with the most positive feedback and reviews.

Buying Shoes Online

With the availability of numerous online stores, buying shoes online can be challenging. However, that should not be the case anymore with the tips mentioned above.

Ensure that you research well before you make any purchasing decision online. This measure will help you get quality products and value for money.

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