Who the Heck is Bennett Dorrance?

If you are in the business of family businesses, you may be wondering who the heck Bennett Dorrance is. After all, he’s the 125th and longest-serving director of the Campbell Soup Company. As a family business consultant and advisor, he presented the history of the Dorrance family’s company and shared the company’s values and strategies. But how does he define success? And how does he manage to keep everyone happy?

Bennett Dorrance is a descendent of John T. Dorrance

He has worked for several companies, including Campbell Soup Company and Insight Enterprises. Dorrance holds a 15% stake in Campbell. The company has $8 billion in annual revenue. Its portfolio of brands includes Prego, V8 and Pepperidge Farm. The Dorrance family also helped fund the creation of scholarships for first-generation college students, which has resulted in the creation of DMB Associates, which has about a sixth of the company’s stock.

According to Google Maps, the family is the second largest shareholder of Campbell Soup. The company is a subsidiary of Campbell Soup Company, and Bennett Dorrance serves as a director of the board of directors. Dorrance has been involved in the business since 1983 and has become the second largest shareholder in the company. However, his father, John T. Dorrance, was involved in a family feud over the Campbell Soup shares, which was settled in 2004.

He is the longest-serving director of Campbell Soup Company

A family business is a complex thing to run, and the Campbell Soup Company is no exception. It has four family members and ten non-family directors, including several cousins. Family members own 31 percent of the company, while non-family directors own 25 to 26 percent. The company’s board, which has been in place since 1926, is also made up of fourth-generation members and future inheritors. Bennett Dorrance aims to keep family factions from dividing the company’s management.

Bennett Dorrance’s grandfather, John T. Campbell, invented the condensed soup, and he was president of the company from 1914 to 1930. He brings extensive knowledge of the organization and history of Campbell’s to his role as CEO. His other experience is in the business world. He previously worked for DMB Associates, a consulting firm, and brings a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge to the table. His son Bennett Dorrance Jr. has been a vice-president of the Dorrance Family Foundation, which supports education and natural resource conservation.

He founded the Dorrance Family Foundation

In 2007, Bennett Dorrance founded the nonprofit organization the Dorerance Family Foundation in support of natural resource conservation and education. Today, the organization supports programs throughout Hawaii, Arizona, and California. The foundation is also active in Hawaii, where Dorrance is a board member of the Kohala Institute and the Kohala Village Hub. The organization also promotes sustainable agriculture, mindfulness, and arts and culture. Its mission is to provide a more healthy and sustainable future.

The Dorrance family has invested heavily in the future of Arizona. Bennett Dorrance retired as chairman of American Express Company in 2001 and currently serves on the board of directors of genomics research corporation TGen. He is also a board member of The Nature Conservancy Arizona. His other activities include Thunderbird and the American Graduate School of International Management. His family has also supported Phoenix Country Day School and the Desert Botanical Garden.

He is a director of DFE Trust Company

If you are wondering whether Bennett Dorrance is a director of DFA Trust Company, read on. Bennett is a well-known environmentalist. He is also the cofounder of the Kohala Institute at ‘Iole, an educational organization that stewards 2,400 acres of North Kohala on the island of Hawai’i. Dorrance is also the founder of the Kohala Institute, which helps foster connections between humans and their natural surroundings. This organization is working to promote education and conservation, while providing resources to promote local and organic agriculture.

In addition to his role as a director of DFE Trust Company, Bennett Dorrance is also a managing partner of DMB Associates, a real estate development firm. DMB Associates is a subsidiary of DFE Trust Company. Founded in 2007, DMB Associates is an international 501(c)(3) organization that supports community development projects. In 2008, Dorrance and his partners also established the MISS Foundation, which provides C.A.R.E.S. programs to underprivileged youth.

He is a vice president of the Kohala Institute at ‘Iole

The Iole project is an exciting initiative that will bring together Native Hawaiians, educators, and researchers to study and preserve the island’s natural resources. The organization will focus on energy and water security and create solutions that are deeply connected to the Kohala community. The goal of the project is to help Kohala residents achieve more self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Dorrance was born and raised in Arizona but has lived and worked in Hawai’i since 1996. In addition to his work with the Kohala Institute, he owns the popular Blue Dragon restaurant and spa. As the vice president, he is committed to improving the island’s economy, health, and environment. Bennett Dorrance also serves on the board of Heartwood Institute.

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