6 Common Causes of Dog Bites

Dog bites are one of the most disheartening, frightening, and saddening events someone can be involved in. Dog lovers find themselves especially frustrated when bitten, as they know both the dog and themselves will experience dreadful blowback from the situation. One of the best ways to prevent dog bites is to educate yourself about what causes them in the first place. To get you started, here are the six most common causes of dog bites: 

1. Out of Fear 

When a dog is afraid, it can become dangerously violent. Especially if a dog is suddenly startled, or made to feel as though it’s under physical threat, the chance of it biting someone in its near vicinity is significantly increased. Avoiding situations where your dog is not relaxed, or where they feel out of place, can help prevent unfortunate instances of them biting you or someone else. If you find yourself bitten by a dog through no fault of your own, however, contacting a professional Chicago dog bite lawyer is a necessity. 

2. Aggressive Play 

Sometimes dogs do not realize how hard they are playing, and this can lead to bites that are much harder than the human body can safely handle. Sometimes it becomes the human’s fault for playing too hard, and this over-aggression can lead to a dog biting too hard out of instinct. Either way, this makes it essential that you’re always practicing safe play with your dog so that you avoid the tragic, unfortunate situation where they dangerously bite you or someone else. If you are unsure of how to ensure you’re playing in a non-aggressive fashion, attending a training program is highly recommended. 

3. Out of Frustration 

Dogs can become overwhelmed at a much faster rate than we tend to assume. When frustrated and overwhelmed by your behavior, the chances of them biting you become notably increased. Overwhelming environments can become a major dog-biting hazard as well. To keep you and your dog safe from the consequences of dog bites, being on top of ensuring they feel comfortable and safe in any environment they are in is critical. After all, are you not more capable of making bad decisions when you are in a particularly frustrated, frightening place as well? Even beloved, well-adjusted dogs can become overwhelmed

4. Overcorrective Punishment 

When you discipline your dog, you must do it in a way where they both understand that they are being punished, and in a way that avoids hurting them. Using discipline or punishment that harms them, or makes them fearful can lead to a dog bite (even if you think you have full control over, or the full trust of, a dog). Before you begin disciplining your dog as a first-time dog owner, you should seek out training courses that can teach you how to perform training and discipline in a safe, effective fashion. Even long-time dog owners can benefit from an occasional refresher of safe practices now and then. After all, giving your dog the best care possible is your largest responsibility as a dog owner. 

5. Because They’re in Pain 

If a dog is in a lot of pain or is incredibly sick, it can lead them to become both more sensitive and frightened. If you try to interact with a dog that is in extreme pain, it may bite you in defense, or out of confusion. Dogs are less able to control themselves if they are in a lot of pain, and dogs also tend to only showcase their pain visibly if the pain they are experiencing is overwhelming. To avoid dog bites from dogs in pain, you should use extreme caution around all dogs exhibiting pain, even if you fully trust them. 

6. Because they are Protecting Someone (or Something)

Dogs sometimes become violent if they feel they need to protect someone (or something). Whether it’s their owner, their favorite toy, or a piece of food, the result can still end up being a dangerous, painful bite. For dogs that are food aggressive, the likelihood of them biting someone is greatly increased if someone tries to get between them and their meal. To help protect yourself and any dogs you are around, you should immediately give them space and back up if you think they are becoming protective. Doing so will ensure the situation does not escalate to a point where a dog bite may occur. 

Stay Safe and Prevent Dog Bites

By staying safe and aware, you can prevent dog bites in 2022. Dog bites cause serious harm and distress for both the dog and the person being bit, so preventing them becomes every dog lover’s responsibility. If you stay aware of the six common reasons that dogs bite others, you can be much more effective in your efforts to prevent dog bites. 

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