What You Should Know About Possums

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores. They will eat anything that is not very difficult to catch. They have sharp claws and can spread diseases through piercing the skin. As a result, they are commonly found in North America. Here are some facts about possums. You should know before you decide to keep one as a pet! Listed below are the common health risks that possums pose.

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores

Although opossums are commonly vilified for robbing garbage cans, they are not responsible for crop damage. Opossums also don’t cause significant damage to livestock, pets, or crops. While they do feed on chicken and turkey, opossums aren’t likely to cause a problem for horses and livestock. They may enter trailer houses, however, and can often be found in under-floor insulation. Opossums are also known for prowling in homes, as they will lie on the floor and pretend to be sick before they let people prod them.

They are solitary mammals with home ranges of ten to fifty acres. They are capable of running speeds of up to 3.5 miles. TheyCan also use burrows, climbing trees, and swimming to escape predators. If frightened, they may shed their teeth and exude yellow-green fluid from their anal glands. When threatened, opossums will also act like they’re dead to escape from predators.

They eat anything that does not require much effort to catch

Whether you live in an urban area or rural environment, possums love to eat anything that you leave out. Possums are notorious for their voracious appetite and will go through garbage bins in search of food. They are also extremely resourceful and will often eat carrion and garden pests. These animals are not only resourceful, but are also extremely resistant to snake venom. Despite this, possums can become very fat because of their natural slow metabolism.

One of the easiest ways to attract a possum to your yard is to set up a compost pile. Possums love composting bins and will feed on anything that requires little effort to catch. You can also leave out some trash that is easy to clean up. Possums eat almost anything, from garbage to insects. This food source is especially delicious and provides the possum with a variety of vitamins and minerals.

They are a common creature in North America

The Virginia opossum is the most prominent marsupial in North America. It is a member of the ancient group of marsupials (animals with pouches). It is also called a “possum” by humans. The name possum comes from the Virginia Algonquian word “apousoum,” which means “white animal.” Once nonexistent in New England, opossums are now found in the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. They may even be found as far north as Maine.

Although opossums are not native to North America, they have spread throughout the continent. They are found in southeastern Canada and the eastern United States. Their range also extends southward through Central America. In fact, there are several species of opossums in North America, including the Virginia opossum. In many areas of the world, opossums are common and are often not harmful to humans.

They can spread diseases by piercing the skin with their sharp claws

This dangerous animal is also known as a jack, jill, or passel. These animals are sometimes considered pests and can destroy your farm or garden. Despite their cute appearance, possums are dangerous because they carry diseases and may pierce your skin with their sharp claws. You should never attempt to handle or remove a possum on your property. Always let a professional do it.

One of the most dangerous diseases posed by possums is Buruli ulcer. Scientists believe that possums carry the bacteria, which causes the ailment. Once they bite a human, the bacteria will penetrate the skin and cause a serious condition known as Buruli ulcer. However, if you have the disease from possums, then you are most likely to contract it from them.

They have impressive memories

One of the most amazing things about opossums is their memory. Despite having a small brain, opossums are known to have excellent memory and can recall where they found food and other objects. In a recent study, possums performed better than rats, rabbits, dogs, and cats at a maze. Interestingly, opossums also score higher in memory tests than rats.

This ability to recall past food sources makes opossums exceptional problem-solvers. While they cannot remember everything, they can recall smells for up to a year. This remarkable memory has allowed opossums to adapt to many types of environments, including colder climates. During winter, opossums survive by avoiding chemicals and living in urban environments. However, they do not live long enough to develop impressive memory skills, so the best way to see how they behave is to observe them in the wild.

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