Super Auto Pets – How to Level Tier 2 Flamingos, Octopus, and Sauropod in World of

In Super Auto Pets, you can build a team of various animals with different special abilities. You can choose from a wide variety of pets in this game, including Flamingos, Octopus, and Sauropod. Once you reach level three, you can train your animals to battle enemies. They will attack from different angles to save your team. If you don’t have time to train your pets, you can even buy a team of animals that can attack enemies for you.


The Flamingo is a Tier 2 Pet that is available in the Standard Pack and Expansion 1. It can buff two friends directly behind it. It will never buff itself and will not buff the same friend twice. It will be a waste of time to summon one if there are less than two friends behind it. Therefore, you should not use this pet until you have at least two friends behind you. It also applies a random buff.


The Octopus is a Tier 6 Pet that is available in the Expansion One. It deals 3/6/9 damage to random enemies and 5 damage to all enemies. If you are looking for an auto-pet that can be played by anyone, the Octopus is the perfect choice! It’s a great way to start a new raid or a new game mode! However, be sure to read the following tips before purchasing an Octopus.

The action of Super Auto Pets happens in 1D lineups. You build your teams with various characters to battle the opponent. In each run, your goal is to get 10 wins without losing any lives. In between rounds, you can shop and use buffs to enhance your units. You can also pay to roll for fresh offerings. Super Auto Pets have a lot of variety in terms of abilities, which means you can get an edge over your opponents.

Octopus pre-level three

Despite being a Tier 6 pet in Expansion 1, the Octopus is a great choice if you want to level fast. It deals three, six, or nine damage to random enemies, depending on the enemy’s level and type. It also gains gold when you buy food. You can use the gold from buying food to level your Octopus. But keep in mind that you can get the same effect with a lower level pet.


The Sauropod is a Tier 6 Pet in World of Warcraft and part of the Expansion Pack. Despite being an attractive dinosaur, it hardly ever sees use. You don’t even need to level it up to use this pet. It gives you extra gold each time you purchase food for it. You can even train it to attack enemies. But the most important aspect of Sauropod is its unique ability: it will automatically attack any player when you place him or her on your team.

As an added bonus, Sauropods are very versatile. If you want to fight the enemy and make it weak, you can equip the ability ‘Enemy Hurt’. It will make the enemy weak, and will do so twice each turn. However, you should always pay attention to your enemies’ movement speed and attack stats. These are very important factors in deciding which pets are the best to use.

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