Craigslist Pets – How to Advertise Your Pets on Craigslist

Craigslist Pets – How to Advertise Your Pets on Craigslist: Advertising on Craigslist is a great way to attract potential pet owners, but you must be careful not to oversell the pet or mislead impulse buyers. When advertising for your pet on Craigslist, always include details about its health, potential living conditions and the type of family it would do well in. Also, make it clear that an adoption contract or home visit is required before you sell your pet. In this way, you will not only sell your pet, but also find a loving, caring home.

‘Free to a Good Home’ ads attract ‘free to a good home’ ads

The ‘free to a good home’ advertising policy is fraught with controversy. The rehoming fee for a pet should reflect the full cost of the pet’s spay/neuter and vaccinations. Some pet owners charge thousands of dollars for a dog or cat and never get it rehomed. Listed fees are often the subject of scathing responses from people seeking a pet.

Animal abusers often use Craigslist to find their victims. The people who give away their animals through online ads do not do a thorough check on their background or visit the potential adopters’ homes. This does nothing to deter people who intend to cause harm. “Free to a good home” ads are a prime source of bait for dogfighting and predators.

Many pet owners who post “free to a good home” ads have good intentions. But the truth is that they’re not always as innocent as they seem. In fact, 41 percent of owner-surrendered animals were obtained through ‘free to a good home’ ads. These ads are dangerous because they often lead to horrific stories. Despite good intentions, the people who post these ads should take some precautions to protect their beloved animals.

Dog fighters often pose as adopters on Craigslist. In reality, they are seeking doodles for dogfighting rings. Dog fighters train their dogs to perform bloodsports, enclosing them in a ring and setting them up for a fight. In most cases, the bait dogs end up dead or terribly injured. In addition, their owners are subjected to constant terror.

Many people replying to “free to a good home” ads appear to be legitimate dog lovers. They present themselves as well-to-do families who love dogs. They may even bring their children to meet the dog owner. Many of these people will make up elaborate stories about the pets they’ve had in the past, and promise them a “perfect” home. It is not uncommon for these people to pose as a family with children.

The ‘free to a good home’ advertisements often attract aggressive killers. Many of these puppies and dogs are bought by dog fighters and then abused. The victims are brutally punished when they lose. Puppy Doe, a severely abused female pit bull, was found in a playground in Massachusetts, starved, beaten, and abandoned. Her injuries were so severe, she had to be put down.

Adoption fees may also help weed out impulse buyers. However, these fees don’t guarantee a good home for the pets. Often, adopters don’t care for the pets well enough, and leave them in terrible conditions, euthanizing them or selling them to laboratories for experiments. Animal protection organizations and groups that work toward animal protection warn people against using Craigslist to rehome pets.

To attract serious pet owners, Craigslist ‘free to a good home’ advertisements should have detailed descriptions of the pet’s characteristics and history of health problems. In addition to describing the pet’s lifestyle, it is also essential to describe the conditions in which the pet is ideal. Adoption contracts should be clearly stated and a home visit is required for the adopter.

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