How To Give Your Home A Facelift This Year

How To Give Your Home A Facelift This Year: Create the home you’ve always wanted this year with a total home makeover. Are you tired of the old furniture and crowded corners taking up space inside your home? It’s time for a home facelift! This article goes over some tips on starting fresh and making your home into the inviting space you know it can be. Read on for more info on conducting your home refresh! 

Declutter Your Home Completely 

Take some time to get rid of items in your home that no longer serve you. If you have outdated furniture, rugs, and other household goods sitting around, stop letting them collect dust, and donate them! Instead, you’ll free up the wall space in your home for something new like wooden signs or hanging up a custom plaque. Or you can always keep those areas open to create more spaciousness in your home. You do you! 

Reorganize Your Furniture

Reorganizing your furniture can do wonders for refreshing the space of your home. Sometimes we need a slight change in our environment. See what your couch looks like on the other side of the room, move your bed so it faces the window, and try moving your dining room console table to your main hallway as a change of pace. Have fun experimenting with different arrangements! Even the slightest tidying and adjustments can make a big difference in creating a newer environment in your home. 

Cheese plant leaf in clear glass vase

Add Indoor Plants For Cleaner Air

Add in a bit of nature to filter your home’s air and add a natural element into your space. Go with trendy indoor plant choices like olive trees or fiddle leaf fig trees to stay on point with style trends. You will feel more centered and grounded with some natural plant life in your home. Make sure to put your plants by the windows to get enough sunlight! Succulents and cacti are also excellent choices for indoor plants. They practically take care of themselves!

Hire A Cleaning Team

To give your home a facelift, hire a cleaning crew to give it the deep cleaning it needs. Have the crew clean your floors, steam-clean the rugs and carpets, and sanitize the bathrooms so everything looks and smells fresh. Walking into a freshly cleaned home is like its own breath of fresh air! You won’t regret it. Make sure to hire a cleaning team you trust to get the results you expect in your home! 

Consider adding new light bulbs once your home is clean to bring some warmth to specific spaces. Get rid of blue lights and overly bright white lighting. Go for something in the middle to create that sepia-tone effect now that summer is here! 

Polish Your Surfaces

Keep your space feeling inviting by keeping it tidy and having clean drains. For any natural wood surfaces, be sure to polish them with natural lemon oil. If you have a natural soapstone dining table or even a stone fireplace, using lemon oil can bring back the natural shine to your home furnishings without damaging them. 

To remove unwanted dust and grime, lemon oil works great too! Especially if you have guests coming over, lemon oil polish is a great way to present your home as being clean and organized. You might also look for all-purpose, natural cleaning products to wipe down other surfaces. 

The Bottom Line 

Give your home a facelift this year by completely rethinking how you use your space. Move your furniture around, deep clean your home, and keep your surfaces looking shiny! Don’t settle for anything but the best in your outcomes, and your home will be looking good as new!

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