Ten Short Training Programs That Can Change Your Career

If you are frustrated with your job and ready to take the next step toward career success, you will need to do something to set yourself on a new path. Perhaps you would enjoy being a medical assistant and helping people, or being a commercial truck driver and seeing the country.

Most of us do not have the time it takes to go back to college, but you can change your entire career trajectory in as little as 4 weeks with an online career certification program. 

What Kinds of Programs Are Available?

Programs are available in all kinds of industries. Some of the most lucrative, like being a medical assistant, are in the healthcare field; other opportunities exist in industries like security and the legal field.

Healthcare Opportunities

1. Certified Nursing Assistant

CNAs work in many settings, providing support to the professional nursing staff. Some hospitals and nursing homes will pay for your training with an employment agreement.

2. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants work both in the offices and with patients to help doctors and clinicians provide excellent medical care. This is the fastest-growing industry in the next decade, and earning your certification now can ensure a long-term, lucrative career.

3. Emergency Medical Technician

If you want to help people and can stay calm in an emergency, you can be a basic EMT after a 4-week (or 100 hours) training course. Licensing requirements vary by state, but becoming an EMT can be the first step in an exciting medical career.

4. Pharmacy Technician

Become certified to assist pharmacists, helping to prepare and file medical prescriptions. While this medical assistant work will not allow you to handle medicines, you will be involved in every other aspect of pharmacy management.

5. Phlebotomy Technician

In only 4 weeks you can be certified to be an expert in blood draws, giving you the opportunity to work in many different environments in the healthcare industry and perform medical assistant duties in a number of places.

Other Industries

1. Commercial Driver

After an online 4-week certification program, you can obtain a Commerical Drivers License by passing both a written test and a road test, which would allow you to drive commercial vehicles. To schedule an earlier driving test appointment, you can book online by finding driving test cancellations.

2. Court Reporter

A basic 4-week certification program will give you the training you need to kick off a successful career in this in-demand field.

3. Personal Trainer

Learn how to design and implement fitness plans for clients. if you love to exercise and stay fit, this can be a way to turn your passion into a career.

4. Real Estate Agent

Real estate can be an incredibly well-paying opportunity. Obtaining a real estate license through a certification class can position you to be able to build a successful career.

5. Alarm and Fire Systems Technician

If you enjoy electronics and are good with your hands, the security industry may be a good fit. A certification course can teach you how to install security and fire alarms, necessary skills in any society.

No matter which of these exciting opportunities you choose, these ten training programs can change your career in as little as four weeks.

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