6 Best Jobs in Healthcare Administration

6 Best Jobs in Healthcare Administration: Healthcare administrators play a crucial role in the management of the healthcare industry. Healthcare administrators identify the existing flaws in the system and introduce new policies to improve the quality of care provided by healthcare facilities and create a better work environment for healthcare workers. Moreover, healthcare administrators are also responsible for managing the daily operations of a healthcare facility, training new staff, managing the financial issues of patients, effectively communicating with the staff members, monitoring the budget and finances of the facility, and many other such duties.

The job responsibilities of a healthcare administrator can vary based on the type, size, and location of the facility they are working in. Healthcare administrators are either hired to focus on a single department in a large facility or on the entire facility based on their experience. Either way, these professionals must be well-versed in all healthcare-related laws and be flexible enough to adapt to different work settings.

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare management makes you eligible for entry-level jobs. Advanced degrees can increase your marketability and make you eligible for higher job positions. Work experience is also important to qualify for better jobs. Therefore, many students choose to pursue an advanced degree online to continue working along with their studies. Regis College offers a 24-month online master healthcare administration that equips you with expert-level knowledge of business, healthcare, and policy-making methods. Healthcare administrators are eligible to work in several job roles, and in this article, we are going to discuss the best jobs in healthcare administration.

1. Nursing Home Administrator

A nursing home administrator can work in a hospital, clinic, hospice, long-term care center, or nursing home. A master’s or doctorate degree and several years of medical experience are necessary to work in this position.

Nursing home administrators oversee the daily operations of the facility they work at. They ensure that their facility is abiding by all the federal and state laws. Moreover, they also make long-term plans to improve the quality of care provided at the facility. They also manage the financial matters of the facility, such as paying taxes.  

Nursing home administration has a promising career outlook, and the salary package is also excellent. However, your salary can vary based on the organization you work for and the state you live in.

2. Pharmaceutical Project Manager

Pharmaceutical project managers work for pharmaceutical companies. You can start working in an entry-level job or an internship with a bachelor’s degree. You can move up the ladder after gaining experience or an advanced degree.

A pharmaceutical product manager maintains a quality check over the drugs sold by a pharmaceutical company. They make sure that the drugs pass all the quality control checks, have proven beneficial for the patients, and are marketed in an appropriate way. They also analyze user reviews, look out for investment opportunities, and promote pharmaceutical products.

The average salary of a pharmaceutical product manager can be $133,368 a year.     

3. Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants can work with an organization or can independently offer consultations. An advanced degree like a doctorate is required to work independently. However, a master’s degree can help you secure a job at a reputable organization.

Healthcare consultants analyze the processes at a healthcare facility and determine how those processes can be performed more efficiently. They determine the strengths and weaknesses of the facility and design elaborate plans to enhance the pros and eliminate the cons. Moreover, they make detailed reports to share their progress with the client.

In the United States, healthcare consultancy is a promising career with plenty of job openings, a competitive salary package, and growth opportunities.

4. Healthcare Quality Improvement Manager

A healthcare quality improvement manager can work independently, at a hospital or a government facility. A master’s degree is a minimum requirement for this job role. Additionally, experience is also considered, especially for a government job.

A healthcare quality improvement manager maintains the quality of services provided at a healthcare facility. They identify quality issues, then plan, design, and implement new rules and policies to improve and fix the issues. They ensure that top-quality care is provided to the patients and a safe and healthy work environment is created for the staff.

 There are plenty of job openings for healthcare quality improvement managers in the US. Moreover, healthcare quality improvement managers can earn a competitive salary.   

5. Medical Coding Specialist

Medical coding specialists are eligible to work in all healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, private doctor’s offices, and hospices. A master’s degree in health administration is required to work in this role.

Medical coding specialists study the medical records of a patient and code the health information for billing. They code disease diagnosis, prescriptions, and procedures. Moreover, they ensure that all the codes of the medical procedures in the records are compliant with the CPT (the American Medical Associations Current Procedural Terminology Manual) guidelines.

Familiarity with the codes and accuracy is crucial in this job role. Medical coding specialists earn a lesser salary than their counterparts, but still, this profession is expected to grow.  

6. Government Agency Healthcare Administrator

Government agency healthcare administrators work for governmental healthcare organizations. They are eligible to work in the medical department of the military or the general health services department. Most job roles for healthcare administrators in a government agency require an advanced degree like a master’s or a doctorate.

Healthcare administrators in a government organization are focused on managing the daily operations, training and educating the staff, planning and managing the budget, and planning and implementing government healthcare programs. Moreover, they also educate the general public about infectious diseases and provide official information and data during an outbreak.

Working for the government has several perks like insurance, tuition reimbursement, and a handsome salary package. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a healthcare administrator in a government agency is $82,822 per year. However, some government agency healthcare administrators earn almost $100,000 per year.

The Bottom Line

Healthcare administration is a stable career with an excellent job outlook and competitive salary. Healthcare administrators perform various unique job roles and work in different job settings. They manage and maintain healthcare facilities and plan new policies to further improve the services provided by the facility. Medical coding specialists, healthcare consultants, pharmaceutical project managers, nursing home administrators, healthcare administrators in a government agency, and healthcare quality improvement managers are considered the best job roles in healthcare administration. All of these job roles offer a brilliant job outlook and a handsome salary package. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the best jobs in healthcare administration.

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