Features of Installation and Maintenance of Sensors on Garage Doors

One of the means responsible for the safety of the doors is a special photocell sensors. Thanks to this device (there are two or more sets of photocells in automatic gates), the mechanism stops and starts. Proper maintenance and care of photocells are very important for the correct operation of the gate drive and the design of automatic gates in general.

Sensor Functions

The main task of photocells is to increase the overall level of safety by preventing damage to everything that enters the sensor’s work area: people, animals, and cars. Garage door sensor replacement and installation can be performed by Fix Garage Doors CA.

Motion sensors are always sold in pairs, including transmitter and receiver. The principle of operation of photocells for gates is the complex scanning of the passage area with an infrared beam from the transmitter to the receiver:

  • If there are any obstacles, the radiated stream is blocked and does not fall on the receiver installed opposite.
  • When the beam is interrupted by any object, the automatic operation stops immediately or the gate/barrier drive moves in the opposite direction. Thanks to this, not a single person, animal, vehicle, or other objects will be hit by a barrier, gate, or arrow.
  • The exact mechanism of action of automation can be programmed during the installation of the system — it must meet the current needs of the security system of a particular facility.

Rules for Installing Sensors

The photocell kit is represented by two main components: an infrared signal emitter and its receiver. Their interaction allows the gate to operate in automatic mode, according to the set parameters of the reaction to certain sensor readings. It is important to install the sensors correctly:

  • A mandatory rule for installing a security sensor for automatic gates or barriers is to mount the transmitter and receiver opposite each other.
  • The installation height can be 45-110 centimetres from the ground — this allows you to scan the entire space where obstacles may appear.
  • After turning on the equipment, a uniform signal is formed between the source of the infrared beam and the receiver, invisible to humans. If any object crosses this beam, the automation relay opens, stopping the drive or switching its movement in the opposite direction.
  • The range of the photocells is directly dependent on the purchased model. Inexpensive solutions usually operate within a radius of up to 10 meters, while high-quality systems recommended for installation in logistics facilities operate within a radius of 30 meters, which is important in heavy traffic.
  • To increase safety, it is recommended to use redundant photocells at different heights — this measure can significantly increase the level of safety at the facility. For example, a child or animal can easily jump over a sensor located on the lower plane or not be affected by a sensor located on the upper part, which can lead to injury and other negative consequences.

Types of Sensors for Garage Doors

There are several types of photocells, which differ in the type of construction, location, installation method and connection type. Let’s take a closer look:

  • By type of construction — individual (used for a specific type of gate: sectional, swing, retractable) and universal (suitable for all types of gates).
  • According to the location method — for the outer or inner side of the sash, as well as according to the installation height (at the bottom, in the middle or at the top of the sash).
  • By type of installation — built-in (placed directly in the sash leaf), overhead (made in the form of an overlay fixed on the outside of the leaf).
  • By type of connection — wired (cable required) and wireless (have built-in batteries).

Possible Problems and Solutions

Garage door sensors need to be replaced if:

  • there was mechanical damage to the structure;
  • the electrical circuit of the photocell failed.

In other cases, the problem needs to be diagnosed and corrected. Causes of failure of gate photocells:

  • pollution;
  • incorrect setting of photocell sensors;
  • factory settings of the door drive (there are cases when it is necessary to change the settings of the gate drive and synchronize them with the settings of sensors);
  • incorrect installation of photocells (beams of photocells should be directed at each other, located on the same side inside / outside, at the same height and straight).

A competent choice of sensors for garage doors, as well as knowledge of their functionality, will allow you to choose the best solution for a particular object, taking into account its specific tasks. To ensure the correct operation of the photocells, it is necessary to prevent their damage and contamination. Timely wipe from dirt, dust and snow, protect from mechanical damage.

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