What are the ways to keep students motivated for long-term benefits?

We see that whether in person, virtually, or in some blended or hybrid model, many teachers are finding it more difficult than ever to keep their students motivated to learn. We see that if they’re a new teacher this year, student motivation can be an even tougher nut to crack at the same time. We know that the lms full form can be one way to teach students the basics as a teacher. We know that for educators looking to improve student motivation when we are evaluating whether these elements are present in learning is a good place to start as well. We see that from there, small steps can be taken to apply each element with the help of both tech-based as well as traditional tools, which can make a notable difference in motivating students as well as improving outcomes. We see that like all of us, students are more willing to invest their time as well as focus when they are interested in a topic. Likewise, we know that sitting through the same routine lesson structure day after day can quickly lead to disinterest at the same time. We see that perceptual arousal is something that can capture interest with the element of surprise as well as uncertainty. We know that storytelling, humor, as well as active learning experiences, are proven ways of grabbing students’ attention, but what we see is that it is also about entering text upside down or in code on a slide, in which they are posing the opposite point of view from what is expected, or changing the environment as well. We know that following the same structure day in as well as day out can quickly lead to boredom, so mix it up. We see that with kids on devices for much of the day, the opportunity for variation is at their fingertips as well. They can have them experiment with a new tech tool they’ve been hearing about, or ditch tech altogether as well as give kids a screen break from time to time with interesting paper-based instruction or projects as well. We see that for students to want to learn, they must feel that what they’re learning matters to them as well. We see that understanding how a new skill or information applies to or will help them now or later on in life can make a big difference in motivation as well. We see that they can be explicit in connecting what students are learning with when, why, or how they can use this in the world beyond the classroom as well. They can also help students consider as well as define their own goals, as well as support them in making connections between their goals and what they’re learning as well. We see that when students believe they can succeed as well as feel positive about their achievements and potential, their confidence increases as well as motivation improves. We see that clear directions, useful guidance, as well as consistent formative feedback help students, know what is expected and how to make progress at the same time. They can build a positive expectation for success at the same time and enable students to take knowledgeable ownership of their progress by providing them with the steps they need to take to succeed as well. We see that they can facilitate successful learning by supporting or enhancing students’ belief in their competence as well. They can help students strike a balance between effort as well as results by allowing them to achieve success through varied and challenging experiences that build upon one another at the same time. They can also go ahead and provide students with personal control over their success at the same time. We see that when people feel their success is based on their efforts as well as abilities, rather than on external factors like luck as well as the decisions of others, their confidence improves. We see their present choices when possible so that students can select the path for which they feel most prepared as well. We know that to sustain optimal motivation, learners need to have positive feelings about their learning experiences as well as accomplishments too. The attendance management system therefore can play a role in such a case as well. 

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