The Most Fantastic and Trending Movies of DC Films

Many DC Comics films are now on the silver screen, but which ones are the most popular? I’ve broken them down by genre and significant stars. From Birds of Prey to Shazam!, five of the most popular DC Films are here. Check them out at The Direct website and decide which ones are worth checking out! If you are an Amazon Associate, you can earn through qualifying purchases. Until then, check out my favorite DC movies!

Birds of Prey

The recent release of Birds of Prey paves the way for more superhero movies and is a refreshing change from the usual fare. Focusing on Harley Quinn’s quest for emancipation, the film is the latest in the DCEU’s superhero team. It has shifted the status quo by eliminating a paramount crime lord and leaving the door open for a new DC property. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

The film follows the story of Harley Quinn, a deranged character who carries the name, Harley. In her search for her, Gotham City is turned upside down. Quinn teams up with Huntress, Black Canary, and Renee Montoya to save the day. This film is an excellent example of an all-girls group movie, featuring a great all-girl cast.


Shazam! is one of DC Films’ most popular and adored movies. It’s a family-friendly fantasy about a streetwise orphan named Billy Batson, who is magically transformed into an adult superhero called Shazam, played by Zachary Levi. The story is based on Tom Hanks’ acclaimed 1992 film Big, and Shazam has some pretty cool superpowers. But is the movie as good as it seems?

The film is full of references to Superman’s legendary origins, including a newspaper article with the headline, “Caped Wonder Stuns the City.” Other references to Superman include bullet casings from the Zod invasion in Man of Steel. The film references Superman throughout and focuses on his transformation from an ordinary boy to a superhero in a few scenes. The movie also features an enchanting musical number, accompanied by a spirited performance from John Williams.

The Suicide Squad

“The Suicide Squad” is a film about a group of supervillains led by Amanda Waller, a convicted supervillain. The premise is simple: Waller, a woman with a grudge against Superman, orders these antiheroes to save the world and die trying. However, the movie fails to live up to the hype and is a failure.

The Suicide Squad begins with a massive comedic massacre. Unfortunately, much like X-Force in Deadpool 2, the movie is juvenile for its first act. Despite this, the film is enjoyable and entertaining but does have moments where it is obnoxious and annoying. The film is not without its moments, but it does feature a lot of familiar faces from the first movie.

The Batman

Although the movie has had a string of disappointing releases, it still retains the basic tenets of comic book legend. Unlike previous DC films, this one uses brains as brawn, with a powerful combination of both. The film depicts a damaged individual trying to make a difference and one man standing up for what is right.

While many fans have criticized the film, many have praised the director Matt Reeves for his dedication to the character and his commitment to bringing the iconic character to life. This film is a breath of fresh air in the modern DC Cinematic Universe, and Matt Reeves’ vision resonates with both fans and newcomers. In addition, its diverse cast makes it one of the most impressive films in the entire DC film history.


DC’s Aquaman, The Most Fantastic and Trending movie, is an all-time classic with a PG-13 rating. This movie’s plot is based on various alternate universes, with an emphasis on a conflict between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. But, while the story is entertaining, the film’s ending is unsatisfying. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, “Aquaman” is a must-see for superhero genre fans.

Jason Momoa plays a reluctant hero who must go underwater to complete an Arthurian quest and find a mythical trident that will unite the underwater kingdoms. Meanwhile, his half-brother Patrick Wilson wages a raging war on the surface. The action-packed plot is balanced by a few moments of goofy humor, including a cameo by archvillain Black Manta. Mera, meanwhile, becomes DC’s No. 2 heroine, and the plot ends with a dramatic cliffhanger.

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