5 things to know about Museum Of The Future

5 things to know about Museum Of The Future: Dubai, an emirate in the UAE is region of advanced and futuristic architecture. Being developed and sophisticated, this place attracts tourists from all over the world. It has every element of tourism in it. It is the wealthiest and most happening emirate of UAE. With western style buildings, theme parks, museums, natural attractions it allures visitors and guarantees great amusement and fun. It is the home of:

  • World’s tallest tower
  • World’s largest shopping mall
  • World’s largest fountain
  • World’s largest hotel

Dubai is the place where new constructions and establishments are always in progress. It is one of the most advanced and contemporary cities in the world. The Museum of the future is an epitome of such a future ideology founded by the Dubai Future Foundation. It showcases and encourages development and innovation in the future technologies which would be prevalent in the world. This museum is built in torus shape with a height of approx 230 ft. It gives the visitors a glimpse of what the sphere would look like in the future. This is very different from other museums of the world and is one of its kind. 

Here below are some of the things, one need to know about Museum of the future:   

  • A guide to the future: The Museum of the future Dubai is a demonstration of how the world would be after 50 years and gives a sneak peek of how the new technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence would be used in various sectors such as healthcare, education, food security. It is giver of hope and knowledge of the upcoming time. Also, this is a place which gives a chance to humans to interact with the coming world and gives plethora of ideas and suggestions to thinkers and innovators. Giving an insight of challenges of future and ways to tackle them is what this museum fosters.
  • Innovative Architecture: The architecture of the museum has a novel design and made of stainless steel and fiberglass. Regarded as the most beautiful building, this museum is designed by computer aided design. Also, robots are used to create 1024 pieces of art or panels where 1024 panels represent 1024 characters i.e. 1 Kilobyte. To grow the internal steel structure, parametric designs and BIM tools were deployed and the design of this museum leaves everyone in awe. It is built by using sustainable architectural strategies such as solar power and thus exhibiting about how to reinvent the future. This museum is designed by architect Shaun Killa of Killa Designs, with the calligraphy designed by Emirati calligrapher Matter bin Lahej.
  • A cultural space: Though the museum is a newfangled building but it still has a cultural and traditional essence in it. Lit by 14,000 meters of light queues, it is traced with Arabic calligraphy and the windows are given the shape of Arabic letters. It has some quotes about future on the upcoming world by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Influenced by Arab culture, it has meditation centre giving the visitors a sensory experience. Thus, having an aura of eastern heritage and culture.
  • A living Museum: Rather than being a gallery of the past, it is a museum which showcases future and adapts to the changing environs. It keeps on transforming and accepting new changes as the world operations and time moves forward. Its attractions and exhibitions are not same and constant but the new segments of the updated world and technology keeps on adding to them. This museum is lively and keeps on moving forward. This place is tolerant to distinctive cultures and philosophies. Another point is that it has a garden of 100 species of living plants making the environment lively.
  • Seven-storey building: Each floor gives different experience to the visitors. Three floors focus on :
  1. Outer space resource development
  2. Ecosystems 
  3. Bioengineering 
  4. Health and wellbeing 
  5. Spirituality

               Next three floors have an emphasis on:

  1. Modern Technologies
  2. Challenges in areas such as health, transportation, energy, water, food and related fields
  3. Sustainable approaches and the ways to tackle the issues

              The last floor is committed for children, where they can explore challenges, learn the technology and create new solutions so that they become our “future heroes”.

             Also, it hosts exhibitions, theatre and themed attraction, inviting you to look into the future.

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