How Much Is A Storage Unit In Melbourne, Australia

When it’s time to move, should you use boxes, or use bags to pack? Our answer is short and to the point, use both! Consider that you will be packing items into a storage, and boxes will stack best. When searching for a storage unit, make sure you do some research on prices and the quality of services that are offered from different companies. The goal is not to spend a fortune but to have a decent storage unit for your money. The average cost of storage units is about $150 a month. Self-storage ranges differently depending on the size, rental period, and any additional services, like storage insurance.

Storage For Your Household or Business, What’s The Difference

You can do research online to see the different types of units available for residential and commercial use, but it’s important to meet with an employee at Storage Plus- Melbourne so you can discuss all of your questions or concerns to figure out how much space you need. The sizes range from small, medium, or large. Small units start out at $100 a month and go up to $300 a month depending on size.

Rental Period

Some storage units will usually require you to rent your unit for a minimum time of a month. Most customers like to pay their storage units monthly because some companies’ weekly costs of their units are the same price as if you pay monthly. If you rent your unit for a year or more, some companies will offer a discount.

Extra Features

Storage companies have some extra options for you if you want some protection for your unit. These features will protect you from extreme weather conditions and from theft. There are units that are high quality that come with high level security, which have a 24/7 camera system, and an alarm system. These are pricey and tend to cost more than the average unit. By paying 20% more than the standard unit, you can have a climate-controlled unit, which is specifically designed to keep the temperature and humidity levels steady. You may have the option to use the company forklift. You won’t be charged for a one-time use, but if your use becomes more frequent, you could be charged.

Additional Fees

Some places will charge you a one-time administration fee which is $20-$25 for booking and signing up. There is also a good amount of paperwork to be done. You may have a small cleaning fee of $15. When you’re done with your storage unit, if you have any belongings you leave behind, your cleaning fee could increase depending on how much is left behind and the condition your unit was left in.

Storage Insurance

When you’re filling out your paperwork with an employee for your unit, you may be required or strongly encouraged to get storage insurance. The benefits of having insurance are great and could ultimately be a lifesaver for all of your possessions. If there was a fire, damage, theft, or weather conditions that ruined any of your belongings, insurance will help recover those damages. Thankfully, their insurance isn’t too much of a cost, they usually charge less than $10. There is a chance that your storage insurance could increase $1 per month for every $1,000 worth of items you have. 

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