The 5 Popular Nuts and Dried Fruit Packaging Trends

5 Popular Nuts and Dried Fruit Packaging Trends: The increasing popularity of nutritious snacks among health-conscious customers has significantly influenced the packaging industry. It is now official; healthy meals don’t have to be boring. How do you preserve these healthful snacks?

Healthy snacks are now a booming business, with nuts and dried fruits in particular well-positioned to suit shifting consumer behaviors and diet trends such as vegetarianism, veganism, the MIND diet, and Paleo.

Nuts and dried fruits also have the benefit of fitting many intake options throughout the day – from meal supplements to on-the-go snacks. Here, we explain the nuts and dried fruit packaging trends you should be on the lookout for in the days to come.

Packaging with Improved Visual Appeal for On-Shelf and Online Buyers

As e-commerce overtakes conventional in-store shopping, the capacity of packaging to stand out is becoming more crucial than ever before — since shoppers cannot pick up and check things on computer screens, your package’s appearance must be at its finest.

The design itself is particularly important for in-store shopping: choosing compact, display-ready pouches with hanging holes allows the product to be displayed in different positions in stores, such as near checkouts or the beverage aisle, which may be pretty profitable. Irrespective of the market, it’s important to note that younger customers are often less brand loyal than their parents or grandparents, which means they frequently make judgments based only on the packaging design.

Look for natural-looking, eye-catching designs that blend matte and gloss varnishes. Transparent display windows are also beneficial, particularly for high-value commodities such as fresh nuts and colorful foods such as dried fruits.

A Better Focus on the Health-Conscious Customer

The modern-day consumer is more health-conscious than ever before. They want delightful, improved snacks that are easy to distribute; dried fruits and nuts are sensible replacements for sugary choices.

To capitalize on this enormous commercial potential, consider packaging that enables enhanced portion control as well as aesthetic and taste appeal through transparent windows, specific color palettes, and paper effects that indicate to customers that they are purchasing high-quality, nutritious products.

Environmentally Improved Packaging

Brands are under pressure to provide more sustainable, flexible packaging and to strive to ensure that customers can readily recycle such items.

Consider going for custom packaging pouches with lightweight and metal-free laminates to lower the carbon impact of the package. Metal-free high barrier laminates, for example, reduce the use of traditional metalized barriers while reducing carbon footprint by up to 40%.

A Better On-The-Go Snacking Experience

On-the-go is becoming and will continue becoming popular and dried fruits and nuts, a healthy and portable snack, are ideal for this. As a matter of fact, nut products are the fastest-growing category of on-the-go snacks.

Packaging that is meant to be used in any scenario, whether in the car, on the bus, or at the campground, provides a huge potential for nuts and dried fruit businesses, with on-the-go packs benefiting the most. Look for longer and thinner packages since this will make them simpler to grip and eat the nuts and fruit.

Packaging for Consumer Convenience

When customers are asked why they pick one food product or packaging over the other, according to a recent study summarized in Packaging Digest, the answer has always been the same: convenience.

As a result, future winners will be easy-to-open, easy-to-close, easy-to-access, and easy-to-share packages. No scissors are required – just a clean tear and no product spillage.

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