Morning Sickness Remedies for Moms-to-Be

Being pregnant is one of the amazing feelings in the world. Raising a baby inside your body and giving birth to a new life is so wholesome and yet a beautiful experience of your life. Entering into parenthood comes with great responsibilities, and for a mother, the road to motherhood might be slightly difficult. The nine months of pregnancy are like a rollercoaster, with physical changes, hormonal changes, mood swings, appetite changes and the list goes on. However, among the nine months, the initial months, namely the first trimester, might get a bit tough for the mom-to-be, accompanied by morning sickness, nausea, cravings, loss of appetite, etc.

For mommies-to-be, kindly see here for morning sickness remedies.

Drink Fluids

Increased intake of fluids is often recommended to lower morning sickness. The best fluid to take is simple water, however, it depends on the mother’s choice if she likes to take juices. Try to avoid coffee, black tea, soft or fizzy drinks, and hard drinks. Fresh juices are great for immediate relief of morningSickness. The citrus nectars are also much helpful in preventing morning sickness. Ginger and lemon are very essential to cure morning sickness, boil them and drink ginger-lemon tea daily in the morning, add a bit of honey too. This recipe helps a lot as a remedy for morningSickness.

Fresh Aromas

When you get up with a baby bump, everything feels stale and due to hormonal changes, you might feel a peculiar smell around you, which results in morning sickness. To avoid such a situation, keep a good air freshener with you and spray it around when you wake up. A small walk around the garden is also a good idea where the fresh air and natural scents allow you to take a fresh start to the day and reduce the effect of morningSickness.

Eat Healthily

If your morning sickness is a regular pattern during your first trimester, then avoid a buttery heavy breakfast, and instead switch to light diets like an avocado sandwich, a bowl of salad, fresh fruits, or a handful of nuts. Once your morning sickness phase is done, then you can enjoy whatever you like. Healthy food keeps your stomach full and also prevents your stomach from being over-burdened that keeps nausea away.

Distract Yourself

At certain times, the morning sickness feeling is more of a psychological pattern than a natural one. Thus keeping yourself busy and distracted would help your mind not to think about it and you can feel a lot better. Start some office tasks, get busy in-home chores, go to the park for a walk, watch a movie, or just lie down in bed and try to sleep. Do something that you enjoy and get involved in it.


If the usual remedies do not help you out, then visit your doctor and take prescribed medication. For some women, morning sickness gets very severe and they cannot prevent it, thus in such cases, taking medication becomes important. Many organic medicines are available that help to avoid morning sickness. 

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