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ABC Roofing Supply is one of the largest roofing distributors in the country. This company also distributes siding, windows, and select interior building products. With branches across the country, ABC can help you meet all of your building needs. Learn more about the services provided by ABC. And if you need a roof, you can trust ABC to deliver a quality job. We are proud of the quality of the materials we sell. Read on for more information on the products and services we offer.

abc roofing supply

ABC Supply has 811 locations in the United States. They are the largest wholesale distributor of roofing materials and are the nation’s leading supplier of siding, windows, and doors. TheyAlso distribute roofing products, building tools, and accessories. They also serve architects, builders, plant engineers, and building maintenance technicians. Some of their subsidiaries include Mulehide Products Company, a leading supplier of specialty roofing products. If you’re looking for a roofing supplier, check out ABC Roofing Supply.

ABC Roofing Supply was founded in 1927. Despite its size, it has expanded quickly, adding over eight hundred locations throughout the United States. Founded by Ken Hendricks, ABC Roofing Supply is the largest wholesale roofing distributor in the country. It is also a leading wholesale distributor of siding, windows, and doors. You can browse through ABC’s extensive selection of roofing supplies and accessories by visiting a local store.

The company is committed to helping small businesses grow by improving their overall quality and service. They provide top-notch customer service. They also work closely with suppliers to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of service and products. Whether you need a new roof or a simple roof repair, ABC is here to help. And with our Quick Order tool, you can get your orders in minutes instead of hours. You can place an order without leaving your office.

With over eight hundred locations, ABC Supply has grown rapidly since Hendricks bought the company. In its first year, it had a sales of $4.5 million. It also acquired a building supply company in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It also acquired five former Aluma and GAF stores, as well as two AA Distributors stores. The company’s growth has allowed it to reach the number three spot on Inc. 500 lists. It also added over 800 stores in the United States.

In the early 1980s, ABC Supply was in the real estate business for about ten years. They had a booming roofing business, so they decided to expand their operation. In 1990, Hendricks purchased three supply centers from Bird & Sons, a century-old manufacturer of roofing in Walpole, Massachusetts. Hendricks then remodeled and expanded the buildings. In the process, they increased the number of employees by two and the number of locations to over eight hundred.

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